Zimbabwe offering visa on arrival, what are you waiting for?

Have you always had Zimbabwe on your bucket list? Do you dream of an adventurous safari? You can now tick off Zimbabwe from your bucket list with a via on arrival. Zimbabwe now offers visa on arrival for citizens of various countries across the globe which includes India.

In order to boost the tourism industry in the country, Zimbabwe has opened gates for various investors across the globe and rolled out certain changes to their Visa policy. The new visa regime features various important changes which will not only help them in promoting the country’s tourism industry but will also make it convenient for global tourists traveling to the country. The new visa regime allows tourists from 28 different countries to get visa on arrival and this list features India, Ethiopia, Mexico, Panama, Armenia, Romania and more. It has also launched a Single African Air Transport Market scheme that provides a contingent wide visa free regime and an issuance of visas at entry ports for all Africans. It has shifted more countries from category C which requires visa to be obtained before traveling to category b where a visa is issued on arrival.

With a number of countries offering visa on arrival to the tourists from different parts of the globe, travelers can explore more than ever. Most countries are quitting the tedious process of obtaining a visa before arrival and are moving towards a hassle free visa policy. There are other countries which offer visa on arrival to Indian citizens which includes Jordan, Cambodia, Seychelles, Indonesia, Fiji, Mauritius, Thailand, Haiti, Kenya, Maldives and Jamaica to name a few.

Your long awaited holiday to Zimbabwe only requires you to buy a flight ticket, carry a few documents and hop on the plane. Wait no more, tick off Zimbabwe from your bucket list this year.


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