Worlds Highest Cafe In Nepal

The Worlds highest caf in Nepal is known by the name of Top of the World Coffee. The Caf is owned and run by an American living in Nepal with his family. Home of the Mt. Everest, Nepal has many cafes but the Top of the World Caf is the best without a doubt and the amazing reviews are the proof of it. The coffee here is imported from all over the world. They have a special in-house roasting process which is a major benefit as they are able to serve freshly roasted coffee with the highest quality possible. They carry the unique local coffee beans of Nepal called the Nepal Peaberry in addition to other world-class coffee beans imported from all over the world. Also read:-Top 6 Best Things to Do in Nepal The Caf offers unique flavors and variants which you can add to your traditional coffee flavor such as, Butter Rum, Caramel Candy, Chocolate Swiss Almond, French Vanilla, English Toffee, Roasted Hazelnut, and Toasted Almond Cream. Not just that, they also provide Office/Home Delivery of roasted coffee up till the Kathmandu Ring Road area and ensures the guaranteed delivery of the Coffee within 24 hours of roasting. To check out more information about the Cafe, visit their Website and find out more about the Worlds Highest Caf in Nepal: Some of the dishes on the menu that we are sure you would love to try are the Green Oolong Specialty Tea, Brownieccino, Baked Oatmeal, Bacon Sandwich, Thukpa and the Lasagna. You would love the ambiance of the caf and will come out satisfied and long to visit again. The Caf strives to serve the best dishes. The dishes on the menu are influenced by both Western and Eastern Cuisines and the staff is majorly Young Nepali women and men. Known all over the world as The highest caf in Nepal, the caf owns their own in-house bakery and supplies plenty of baked goods including cakes, homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, brownies and muffins among others. Aama Junes Pumpkin Pie, Hot Cross Buns, are some of the top dishes on the menu. Opening a Cafe in Nepal is a privilege, Top Of The World Coffee has made a name for itself. The Cafe is known all over the World as the highest cafe in Nepal. It is visited by a large number of tourists from all over the World who, eventually spread the word about this beautiful cafe. Because of extensive Coffee Farming in Nepal, which is growing at a good rate, the Staff of the Cafe engaged themselves in helping the Coffee Farmers by providing them with education in a few of the locations where Coffee plantation takes place. The Cafe also aims to Promote the whole-some Locally grown products that are not available anywhere except in Kathmandu. Some of these products include the Rasilo Juice, Natural Peanut Butter and Mountain Man Trail Foods. A unique feature of the Cafe is that Top Of The World Coffee is a World Fair Trade Organization's member. This membership allows them to apply the motto of 'Guaranteed Fresh, Guaranteed Fair' to all of their products. They also involve themselves in community work and decided to start a Handicraft small business to provide work to Women and help empower them. Hand-make scarves, jewelry, and ponchos are some things that women make to support themselves and their families financially. The cafe has also been raising funds to use towards Children's Education and Healthcare. Top of the World Coffee has the vision to empower every single woman in Nepal and has been making tremendous efforts towards the same. They have earned the Quality Grader Certification by taking up the training through the Coffee Quality Institute that hosts certain courses and exams to qualify for the certificate. These hard-working people are always open to new and innovative ideas to help better their surroundings and of course the Cafe. The Caf is located in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur in Nepal. The staff of the caf is very warm and welcoming and a nice environment with comfortable seating makes you feel calm and relaxed. Fortunately, the caf provides a good Internet Connection and that enables you to get your work done easily while also enjoying a Freshly brewed cup of coffee. This is also one of the Hangout points where you can chill with your friends, family or colleagues. They also have a pleasant looking outdoor seating area surrounded by greenery. If you are a Coffee lover and planning a trip to Nepal, then this Caf should be on your list! Visit the highest caf in Nepal, to have a delectable cup of Coffee with snacks in an environment that feels like home. Address: Arun Thapa Chowk | Jhamsikhel, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal Contact: +977 982-3544907 Website: