The Upcoming Underwater Villa In Conrad Maldives Will Let You Sleep In The Ocean!

Do you fancy living in the ocean? The upcoming underwater villa in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is set to open in November 2018 will be everything dreams are made of. It is an underwater residence which will be called Muraka and will be first of its kind. The property will offer the guests an oceanic feel. The villa will be joining the existing restaurant at the property called Ithaa. The underwater residence will allow guests to look at Maldives from an intimate perspective and be up close with marine life like never before.

The villa will have two stories, one 16.4 feet below the sea and one above the sea. The underwater suite has a king size bedroom, a living area, bathroom and a spiral staircase which leads to the ocean level living quarters. Additionally, the ocean level living quarters will be fully equipped and will come with a twin size bedroom, powder room, gym, integrated living room, butler’s quarters, bar, dining room, kitchen and private security quarters. The most important feature of the property, the dining room will face the direction of the sunset so that the guests can enjoy stunning sunsets in the foreground of ocean waves.

Further, the ocean level suite will have a relaxation deck with an infinity pool for the guests to enjoy the view. The total guest capacity of both the underwater and ocean level story is 9. The underwater villa in Conrad will give a surreal feel and a unique luxury experience to the guests. People would definitely line up to grab the stay experience. If you are a lover of “fancy stay”, this is where you got to be.

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