Unfold Beauty And Adventure Of Five Unreal Hotel Rooms Around The World

Beyond surprise, finding the right hotel from the enormous options and promotions is nothing but an overwhelming task. Things are many that need to be considered prior to book hotel while traveling.

Conventional hotels are many when you search online regardless of your travel destination. In this piece of content, we are going to talk about unusual hotel accommodations; something we imagine always but cannot resemble with the reality. But, now you can. Getting puzzled! Wait; there are lots more to be puzzled on.

Think you are under the sky or wild creatures are just surrounding you or you are in the middle of an island! Just amazing! Is not it? Well, in actual you can experience such things while you choose unreal hotel rooms around the world for your next vacation.

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Best Five Unreal Hotel Rooms across the Globe

An unreal hotel room is an exceptional way to interact with nature and lovely creatures of nature. The concept of an unreal hotel room is a way to connect with nature but without crossing the threshold of human limit. You can feel the Mother Nature surround you; you can enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and its creations while living in your hotel room.

Let us unfold the detail of the five Best unreal hotel rooms across the globe that can make you stunned.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort at Saariselkä, Finland

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Have you lived in Igloo ever? Do you love to live in Igloo? If your answer is yes then Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is going to turn your fantasy in reality.

You will get the opportunity to live in Igloos in this resort. Not a real Igloo, but just like Igloo. Each Igloo room is different from the other and you will get your dreamlike experience in living Glass Igloo room at this resort.  As the Igloo rooms in the resort are made of Glass so you can have the clear view of outside from your room. You can live beneath the stars with your family and loved one, experience each moment in the room in an unusual way. The Northern Lights makes your experience more pleasant and unforgettable. Each time you need a pinch on your skin to believe that it is really not your dream.

You will have options like Kelo-Glass Igloos, Log Chalets, Queen Suites, Wedding Chamber, Snow igloos, and also the Traditional House. You can choose any according to your wish and purpose of celebration in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.

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Jamatra Wilderness Camp at Pench, India

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When you are an adventurous individual by heart and you are looking for a chance to spend a night at amid of jungle surrounded by wildlife, Jamatra Wilderness Camp is waiting for you.

Pench, the state of Madhya Pradesh is well-known for wildlife treasure. The place is just full of adventure along with a blessing for nature. People who really want to experience and eye-witness the real life of wildlife, Jamatra Wilderness Camp is for them. The camp is arranged in the middle of Jungle and Machaans are built in the middle of the green jungle. Machaans are the places which offer an overwhelming view of the jungle and its life. You will get a bed with a mosquito net on each Machaan. From here, you can lie under sky and stars and have a close view of wildlife that you generally dream or wish for.

Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita – at Matera, Italy

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How about a living experience in cave rooms? Do you want to experience such? If your answer is damn yes then the hotel Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita is waiting for you.

The hotel is located at Matera village in Italy. Matera village is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The hotel has a historical impact on its interior and exterior. It has lots more things to depict to its guests as it is a cave hotel. There are total 18 unreal best hotel rooms. When you will decide to stay in the hotel, you will live inside a cave in real. Though, you will get all the luxurious amenities inside the hotel. Thus, the hotel rooms are known as a cave. The caves are well adorned with explicit interiors and soft lighting will guide you in the cave rooms. The hotel rooms or caves will introduce you to the civilization of stone and Bronze Age, dates back to the history.

You will live royal times with all luxurious things while staying at the cave hotel in Italy.

Lion Sands Game Reserve at Kruger National Park in South Africa

Image source-Wildlife South Africa

Do you ever think to live in a treehouse? If you love to stay near nature and do not want to miss an opportunity to live under the sky then Lion Sand’s Game Reserve can be your next trip destination. Yes, you can count stars and enjoy living in bush bedrooms and talking with birds when you set to take a treat in Kruger National Park. Lion’s Sand Game Reserve gives you the opportunity to enjoy the African Wildlife via African Safari. You will be taken to have a treat wrapped with wildlife adventure. At the reserve, you will get to select your unique living room on the tree. Yes, treehouses are ready to welcome guest after a great South African Safari. Here you are offered three options to choose your treehouse among Chalkley, Kingston, and Tinyeleti.

At the bush-room on the tree, you can take your meal watching the beautiful stars and regular life of a wild animal.

Manta Resort at Pemba Island in Tanzania

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Manta Resort is known for its quintessential quality. When you want to escape from the daily hassle of life, you can certainly go for Manta Resort. It is situated in Pemba Island, at a distance of the East coast of Africa. The resort is far away from the crowd of the city.

If you want the utmost luxury during your stay at this resort then you can choose the tropical resort for sure. The hotel offers experience living in a unique room which is under the water. Whether you love to spend time with underwater bodies and wish to sleep surround by silver fishes, Manta Resort can be your next destination. The underwater rooms in the resort are just awesome. If you want to elope by the underwater fantasy then you can choose Manta Resort.

So, what are you waiting for? Above, we have mentioned some of the best unreal hotel rooms around the world. Book your hotel room now that you will not be going to miss the chance to connect your mind and soul with nature in a real way via your dream unreal hotel rooms.

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