Uncover Countries Offering E-Visa For Indian Passport Holders

Heart leaped up with joy when we listen that flight tickets got confirmed and it is the time to pack our bags and set off to explore the world.

Is it that easy as it sounds? No, there is something complicated that everyone undergoes while applying for visa on passport. For Indians, getting a visa on Indian passport compels them to undergo the same complicated procedures. When you are an Indian and your bucket list is full of foreign countries to explore, you need to complete some legal formalities prior to book air tickets.

Though, there is some matter of relief for visa applicants. If you are going to apply for a conventional visa for Indian passport then you can try the new one – the E-visa process. The time is gone by when people need to wait in a long queue in front of the embassy to submit relevant documents, photo identity proofs and to answer the investigative quarries. The previous process took a long time and even a couple of months to be completed. But, the scenario is changed now with the grace of E-visa.

What E-Visa is and How to Apply for it?

What an E-visa is? E-visa is an electronic visa and it is applied online. In this process, applicants need to submit documents online. Let us know what documents you need to submit to apply for an E-visa when you are an Indian passport holder.

  • You need to have a valid Indian passport which at least 6 months old.
  • Require passport size photographs
  • Require invitation letter, though not mandatory
  • Supporting documents are required if asked for

There may be changes in documents and that totally depends on authority. Presently, a majority of Indian tourists apply for E-visa to take pleasure of traveling across the globe. E-visa process is hassle-free, fast and most importantly you do not need to submit your original passport in time of applying. You will get your e-visa stamped on your passport when you board in the airport of the foreign country you choose to fly.  

Countries Offer E-visa to Indian Passport Holders

E-visa takes little time to get completed. Immigration Department issues E-visa. Applicants need to submit documents online and they need to pay with online payment mode. When your E-visa gets approved, you will get the copy of E-visa in your registered email. If you are Indian and you want to know which countries get you access to apply for E-visa then here is the list of countries for you that offer E-visa on an Indian passport.


Singapore is one of the countries that offer E-visa to Indian passport holders easy and fast. The country is well-connected with India via numbers of flights. You can apply for E-visa to travel Singapore easily when you have a valid passport. There are more things to having fun and adventure in the country while visiting beaches, Zoo, vibrant water, and light shows on the beautiful Marina Bay and lots more.


Vietnam is an amazing country that is an undeniable fact. It is affordable to apply E-visa to enter Vietnam country. So, what are you waiting for? Apply your E-visa today. When you enter the country, you can come across some of the exceptional rather to call spectacular visuals, human-made or natural without any doubt. Some of the places you must visit in Vietnam are, Halong Bay, Sam Mountains, war museums, beaches and ceramics in Ho Chi Minh and Hoi An.  


When you are talking of beauty, you cannot avoid touring to Turkey. The country is famous for its historic aesthetics. If you are an adventure loving person then Turkey is the right destination for you. Ottoman, Romans, marksByzantines are the mark of historical ruins that you can experience. You can undergo some of the extraordinary things, like Scuba diving, cruise on the Mediterranean, hot air balloon ride and much more to explore. Just one thing you need to remind that apply the E-visa to enter Turkey via an only government website. it will be as simple as that you think of.  

Sri Lanka

One of the wonderful countries in the world covered with panoramic beauty and amazing wildlife treasure – Sri Lanka can be your next destination with E-visa. The country offers E-visa really fast compared to other E-visa countries for Indian passport holder. The country has exotic delicacies to offer to its guests and hosts. The people of Sri Lanka are truly cordial and known for their friendly nature across the world. Whether you want to experience toothsome dishes or look for amazing sight-seeing experience, Sri Lanka is for you. When you will be Sri Lanka, do not forget to take the ride of Tuk Tuk.


Just recent, Myanmar has started to provide E-visa on an Indian passport. When you have fewer days to spend on vacation, Myanmar can be your next destination. You will be amazed to visit Golden Buddhist Pagodas which is located on the hill.


Malaysia has started to provide E-visa to visitors from India and other countries recently. The country permitted million and billion of visitors without E-visa till 2017. You will get a chance to meet with tribal people and visit tea plantations when you reach Cameron Highlands. If you fond of scuba diving then Perhentian Islands is the best place experience marine life in the underwater world. Don’t forget to pin down the name of Kuala Lumpur city in your bucket list.


When you love to flaunt your feet on beaches and want to experience the adventure of the desert, Oman should be your next destination. The country is known for its historic heritage and architecture. The days are gone by when traveler had to spend a large to get Oman visa. The scenario is not the same now. You can easily avail E-visa for your Indian passport at the cheap price.


It is one of the captivating countries in the world that offer E-visa to Indian citizen now. You can undergo a couple of adventurous activities if you are willing to in Georgia. From cycling to horse riding, rafting to skiing – the country has lots more to offer to its tourists. The people in the city are truly generous and they can offer you a warm welcome when you will land over there. From fascinating historical treasures to culture, and cathedrals to cities – the country has its captivating pot of marvelous things for the guests.

To Sum it Up……………

Like the above-listed countries, Armenia and Bahrain also offer trouble-free E-visa for Indians who have valid Indian passport visa.  You will not undergo any horrible experience when you apply for E-visa to the countries mentioned above. Just follow the official rules when you will apply for E-visa. Soon, you will get the chance to book your air tickets and pack your bags to some of these enticing countries in the world.

Have a happy journey!

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