Top 10 things to do while traveling to Bangkok with kids

Thailand is a well-known destination across the globe. Famous for shopping, nightlife and sightseeing options, Bangkok has so much to offer for every traveler. However, when traveling with kids to any part of the world, the entire idea of travel changes. You have to plan your travels based on the age and interests of your kids. When kids get bored, they tend to get grumpy and frustrated; hence it is important to include child friendly activities while you are traveling. Bangkok is a destination which offers fabulous options for you to choose from. Include these 10 activities your kids will absolutely love.

  1. Siam Ocean World: Located in a luxurious mall in Bangkok, the Siam Ocean World is an underwater oasis which is filled with exotic marine creatures. You can travel through an all glass tunnel which will show you a wide array of marine life swimming in every direction. It will be a great learning experience for your kids and they will thoroughly enjoy exploring more than 400 underwater species.


  1. Dinosaur planet: Given the hype and excitement, the Dinosaur planet is a popular attraction for the kids. The theme park will take you back to the age of dinosaur and will also educate the child about them. There are many attractions in the park for you to choose from. It is loved by children and adults alike.


  1. Bounce Inc.: Unlike any other attraction in Bangkok, Bounce Inc. is a unique experience in itself. It is covered with floor to ceiling trampolines where kids can bounce from one area to the next with ease. There are more than 80 trampolines and it is open for children as well as adults.


  1. Imaginia Playland: This is learning through paying concept which is located on the third floor of the Emporium Mall. The indoor playground is suitable for children aged 3 to 14. There are various activities your child can indulge in; they also have activities that incorporate music, literature, strategy and technology into the games.



  1. Easykart: The only race track in the city, Easykart is an attraction for children who love speed and cars. It is an indoor facility where the course weaves in and out with ease. Children will love every curve and enjoy the thrill. There is also a lounging area where you can relax and enjoy your time.


  1. Dream World: A well-known amusement park in Bangkok, Dream World is an ideal destination for children of all ages. There are a number of packages available for you to purchase and it offers access into Snow Town which is made up of snowy slides and winter activities. You can spend an entire day with your children at this park.



  1. Flow House: Let your children beat the unbearable heat at the flow house. Adults as well as children can enjoy surfing on the stimulated wave machine which is extremely safe. It is only open for children aged five and above. You can enjoy the adventure with your entire family in tow.


  1. The Commons: Bring out the creativity in your child at The Commons. The outdoor mall has a level known as play yard which offers fun activities for the child to engage in. There are art classes, children’s books and a number of fun activities to indulge in.


  1. Snake Farm: This will be an unforgettable experience for your kids. Thailand is home to more than 200 species and this is a human space for your kids to watch them. There is a snake show after which your kids can handle the reptiles if they dare to!


  1. Discovery Museum: Head to the Children’s Discovery Museum for a family fun day. You might need an entire day to explore the museum which is filled with educational displays, interactive exhibits and a science gallery. It will be a great learning experience for your children.

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