Top things to do in Seychelles Island

Seychelles Island is a favorite destination for beach lovers. One of the top honeymoon destinations across the globe, it is known for the picturesque beauty and the stunning landscape. Take the off beaten path and discover the beautiful island which has a lot more to offer than beaches.

Here are the top things to do in Seychelles Island:

1. Walk in the Vallée de Mai on Praslin: This is a UNESCO world heritage site and is often described as “primeval” forest due to the clusters of 4,000 coco de mer palms. You might be able to sight the rare black parrot and Seychellois bulbul in the area. It is a romantic site and offers peace and serenity.

2. Visit Victoria: Victoria is one of the world’s smallest capital and has a cluster of roads around the traditional houses. You can see the clock tower and a tiny Hindu temple here.

3. Take a boat trip to Cousin Island, St Pierre and Curieuse: NGOs have collaborated to see the cousin island as a place for the conservation for reptiles, terns and endangered magpie robins. You can only visit with a guide so that there is no disturbance to the wildlife. On the Curieuse Island, take a boardwalk through the mango forest and read about projects that help protect lemon sharks.

4. Visit La Digue’s coconut plantation: You will be able to sight the most beautiful beaches in the world at Anse Source D’Argent. In addition visit the L’Union estate which is a part of Seychelles where coconut production is managed.

5. Hike: If you are an adventure enthusiast, enjoy a hike on the Mahe-Copolia Trail and Morne Blanc. The trail starts above the tea plantation and covers most part of Mahe. As you climb the path, you will notice tea bushes and ferns. The Copolia Trail has a deceiving initial descent through the cinnamon and rubber tree forest but as you climb higher, you will be exposed to glacis rock and the pitcher plant. It will take about 90 minutes each way.

6. Head to the beach: Last but not the least, hit the beach. Seychelles Island has the most attractive beaches near resorts. You can comfortably walk to the beach from your resort and enjoy the sumptuous stretch of white sand surrounded by granite boulders. It offers terrific sunsets and stunning views of the powerful waves.


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