Top Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is a hot tourist destination and is best valued for its rich history, stunning views, a laid back vibe, friendly locals and innovative art. Portugal attracts tourists from across the globe and there is so much to do for every traveler personality. Here are the top places you must visit in Portugal:


This subtropical island system has become the most trending destination in Portugal for exotic food, hiking and the best New Year parties in the world. Even if you are not in Portugal on New Year’s, you must visit the Main Island and smaller adjacent islands; this is where you will find one of the most beautiful stretches of sand. There are other landmarks which include the Madeira Wine Museum, the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum and the house that once belonged to Christopher Columbus.


This is the second largest city in Portugal and is known for the old, colorful buildings that are sprawled across the hilly streets. Porto is known for the culture, you must visit the Sao Bento railway station which offers a stunning mosaic of tiles that has transformed the walls into memorable works of art. There are gardens, cathedrals, medieval palaces and cuisine which is known for being the best in the country.



The capital of Portugal is at the top of the travel itineraries for visitors. Explore the traditional mosaic walkways and dig into the authentic cuisine. There are narrow roads and lookout points; it is a treat to walk around the city at night. This city can be explored on a budget and is known for great weather, plenty of sunlight and a number of cozy restaurants.


If you love adventure and social scenes, this is the best place for you. Every major city is worth visiting include Portimao, Lagos, Albufeira and Vilamoura. A weekend here will convince you that there is paradise on Earth. This destination has bright waters and phenomenal cliffs. If you want to break away from the Portugese tourist crowd, head to Algarve.



This small and intimate fishing village is known for catching waves. It is easy to reach from Lisbon and is one of the busiest towns. It is an ideal destination for those who love surfing. Surfing is not the only thing to do here; you can soak in the picturesque beauty while indulging in authentic seafood.


This city is located inside the castle walls. It is picturesque and romantic. The best place to explore for photography enthusiasts, there are clusters of white houses framed in bright flowers. It is one of the most romantic destinations in Portugal and is frequented by honeymooners.


If you want a taste of old Portugal, it does not get better than visiting Monsanto. It has barely changed over the years and is a hidden gem not known to many. It is built in and around huge boulders.

Serra da Estrela:

This destination has the highest mountain peak in continental Portugal. It is the only place to go skiing in winter and there is plenty to see and do. Nature is the main attraction here and foodies may enjoy the traditional honey and cheese made here.


This is a city in the center of the country that attracts more visitors than any other in Portugal. Home to a large number of Roman ruins and a historical center, it once served as the capital of the country.  The city is famous for the Baroque styled library, Biblioteca Joanina which has been listed as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Sao Miguel:

Sao Miguel is the largest island in the Azorean archipelago. It has beautiful twin lakes, hiking trails and waterfalls. The picturesque destination is away from the crowd and offers peace and serenity.

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