Top Places to Visit in Malta

Malta is an island country located in the Mediterranean Sea and lies south of the island city of Sicily, Italy. Malta is one of the largest islands in the country which is inhabited. Reaching Malta is easy; flights take about three hours from various cities in the UK. It is well connected to Europe and North Africa. If you are headed to Malta anytime sooner, you need to visit these top places.


Mdina is the first citadel capital of Malta and was the Roman center of Malta. It is more like a living museum, noble families of Malta have their ancestral homes here and the Bastion Square offers stunning views over the island. You can start from the main gate and walk past the Cathedral to the Bastion Square.

St John’s Co-Cathedral

This is an extraordinary place of worship and has the most important Baroque buildings in Europe. There is a vast different in the interior and exterior of the cathedral. The interior is dazzling, it is covered in paint, marble or gold and even the floor is a sea of tombs in colored marble. There have been recent restoration activities which brightened up the place. Use the audio guide while you are exploring the place.

Valletta fortifications walk

Valletta is a city which was built by the Knights of St. John after losing the islands to Ottoman Turks in 1565. The city has state of the art military architecture and the fortifications are highly impressive. You must walk to the top of the walls that look down on the harbors that flank the capital. The City Gate is the main entrance to the city which is where you can start your walk.

War Museum

This is not a regular war museum but is offers a tour of the World War Two shelter below ground. You need to pass through the gas curtain in order to land into the world of Maltese during the war. The guides are well informed and will acquaint you with the history of Malta during the World War Two.

Lascaris War Rooms

Inside Valletta, there are tunnels that once were the slave quarters of the Order of St John. You can still see the ops rooms that are complete with maps, plotting tables, phones and communication systems. These war rooms will give you an insight into the crucial role of Malta in the war. They are underneath the Upper Barraca Gardens and each to visit.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto can be approached by a winding road on a cliff above the Mediterranean Sea. It has spectacular coastal scenery and limestone caves. It is an ideal place to find peace and relax. You can take a guided boat tour in one of the traditional fishing boats known as luzzus. It is a 25 minute joyride which speeds through the sea past six caves that include Blue Grotto. If you can make it early in the day, you will be able to see the sun shining illuminating the water.

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