Top places to visit in Chile

Chile has a diverse landscape that offers an impressive array of top notch destinations. Discover the Andean mountain range or stroll on the winding streets of port city Valparaiso. Whether you are interested in stunning visas or in traditional culture, these top places to visit have something to offer for every type of traveler.

San Pedro de Atacama:

The Atacama Desert is located in Northern Chile and expands over 40,000 square miles. It is South America’s most memorable landscapes. Just eight miles west of San Pedro de Atacama is the Valle de la Luna which gets its name from the unique stone and sand formations which appear to resemble the moon. Check out the high elevation geysers found at the El Tatio geyser field or marvel at the flamingos and salt flats in the nearby National Reserve.

Valle de Elqui:

If sleeping under the stars is your idea of connecting with natures, head to Chile’s mystical Valle de Elqui which promises a unique experience. It has some of the clearest skies and is surrounded by the majestic Andes Mountains. Camping does not get better than this. The nearby Observatorio Mamalluca and Pangue Observatory are open for star tours.

Santiago de Chile:

The bustling capital city of Chile is a must visit. It offers an unforgettable view of the Andes and offers a multitude of cultural activities.  You must climb on the San Cristobal and Santa Lucia while visiting Santiago. You can also stroll through the European style streets of Lastarria and take a look at the Central Market for a local experience.

Torres del Paine:

This spectacular National Park attracts tourists from across the globe and has more than 150,000 visitors every year. It is home to numerous lakes, glaciers, mountains and hills. The park can take weeks to explore if you have time.



Chiloe is the fifth largest island in Latin America and it is known for the diverse marine life. You can sight dolphins, whales and penguins here. The island’s capital, Castro has colorful stilt houses which add to the unique charm of the city.





The laid back surfing hub lies close to Santiago and offers wicked waves. Punta de Lobos which lies nearby also attracts surfers and kiteboarders from across the world and offers a spectacular view.



Desierto Florido:

This is one place where tourists from across the world come over. This unique flower desert has stunning natural phenomena which only lasts a couple of months each year. It occurs from September to November, though some years do not see any flowers at all. It is a special sight to behold when the purple flowers in the desert bloom.




The Villarica volcano is the centerpiece of this town. It has waterfalls, hills, hot springs and the Villarica Lake nearby. There are numerous adventure activities for enthusiasts including whitewater rafting, hiking up the volcano and kayaking. You can also rent a bike and explore the biodiversity of the area.



Easter Island:

At Easter Island, you can soak in Rapa Nui culture and check out the distinct moai statues. It has a rich culture and legacy that includes unique dancing traditions, stonework and myths.




Valparaiso is Chile’s capital of culture. It is also a historic port city and its beauty is cherished by visitors. It is known across the world for its unique street art and winding roads. The Paseo Yugoslavo lookout offers breathtaking views and superb photo opportunities.


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