Top Luggage Hacks to Pack Light and Avoid Excess Baggage Fees

Whatever type of traveler you maybe, it could be frustrating to discover that your luggage is overweight and to be asked to pay for the same. Packing is not an easy task, it requires planning and organization. If you follow simple but efficient travel hacks, you will be able to avoid the exorbitant excess baggage fees.

  1. Choose the right luggage: Huge suitcases also mean heavier suitcases. If you are tempted to buy a huge suitcase because it was on a discount, it will weigh a lot more than the ones you actually own. It is best to choose lightweight luggage for ease and convenience of use. Get a medium sized suitcase which has expansion capabilities instead of pulling around a huge suitcase across the airport. With a medium sized suitcase, you will actually pack luggage that you need and not try to put in stuff which is not necessary.  

  1.   Carry versatile items: Carry light weight and versatile items like rubber  bands, coconut oil and dental floss. Coconut oil can double up as hair gel and as  a moisturizer. They are handy and light in weight.
  2.  Avoid check in baggage at first: Follow a carry only mentality where you try to avoid the check in baggage completely. This will ensure that you pack efficiently and utilize the space better. Once you have packed the bags, you will realize whether you need a check in baggage or not. If you do, do not take another suitcase but carry a backpack with you.

  1.   Do the laundry: Whether you are headed for a short trip or a long one, packing  less will always help. Try to pack less and do your own laundry. Take half the stuff you think you might need and do the laundry when you reach your destination. Jeans can be worn multiple times and packing one could suffice for most trips. Try to pack for seven days at the most.
  2.  Cut down on electronics: Why not cut down on electronics while traveling. It is healthier to enjoy your time off instead of staring at the dim lit screen. Connect with the locals instead of google and ask people around you to help you with routes, restaurants and sight seeing. With the number of gadgets you carry, you will need additional chargers and wires which will occupy space in your luggage.
  3.  Be organized: The best way to pack by packing cubes. You pack your clothes by rolling them instead of folding them so that it occupies lesser space. Packing in an organized manner will ensure that you carry all your stuff in a medium sized suitcase without having to pay for excess baggage.

    You can gain extra space by being organized. Explore the world with an open mind and less baggage. Meet new people, head to new destinations and explore different things. Traveling will allow you to grow in mentally and you do not need a lot of luggage for the same! Use these travel hacks when you pack for your next holiday and save space and money!


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