Top four Cruise Lines for the New Sailors!

Being one of the most popular bucket lists nominees of people, traveling through the seas with a whole hotel on board is one of the things people dream to do. Luxurious and entertainment on the house making it the perfect vacation on the water. Unlimited activities to look forward to and engage in. But which one gives you the bang for your buck or the best experience promised by everyone but delivered by some. So we’ll have your cruise for your choices below.

Royal Caribbean International: Being an adventurer wanting to always indulge in rugged activities and still wanting to have a classy dinner beside the waves, this cruise is for you. Night shows and all day casinos to enthrall you and fill up your itinerary between dockings. It’s a little less expensive and gives you the family experience with all the unlimited pizzas and magic shows. Royal Caribbean has a number of cruise lines like, Mariner Of The Seas, Freedom Of The Seas, Independence Of The Seas etc. to give you the full range for what you wish to seek from your experience. One of the favorites is the Harmony of the Seas carrying a massive 5,450 guests weighing 227,00 Gross Tons!

2.Silver Seas: The Silver Seas is the one for the all those mature travelers out there who have traveled a lot and set to make a mark their foot into the cruise category. This ship takes you beyond the traditional luxury with all the extravaganza room service and facilities. The all-inclusive policy, which covers gratuities and limitless flow of beverages, is appealing though costly. The Silver muse if one of the easy on the pocket cruises that will enable you to cut down on the extras and maybe book a longer cruise from the money saved.

3.Oceania Cruises: This line of cruisers sport 6 of their kind namely Marina,      Riviera, Regatta, Nautica, Insignia, and Sirena. Oceania Cruises focus on quality food and promise you the fulfillment of meals that you always dreamt of devouring on the seas. The focus on Intensive dining is one of its main attractions as well as a reason to stay on the ship for a longer time. The Riviera is priced at $1299 having a capacity of 1250 passengers is newest one on the line launched in 2012. Oceania takes advantage of partnerships and brand value with the food and wine expertise of Jacques Pepin and Wine Spectator for the “Oh So Wow” taste and to ensure tours and enriching experience.

4. Norwegian Cruise Line: All the action and entertainment junkies welcomed to the Norwegian Cruise line with open arms as well as truckloads of activities to ensue during their stay at the ship. Bowling alley, comedians performing live and what not. The Norwegian Pearl has a whopping 3000 passenger capacity starting at $300. One of the striking features of Norwegian Cruise Line is that they have their own personal island that is one of their dock ports i.e. The Great Stirrup Cay Cruise Port and is fully accessible to all the passengers. Interesting!

As Mark Twain once said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”, we cannot disagree to the fact that travelings opens up our mind and takes us to places we can’t even imagine and a cruise holiday can never be disappointing.

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