Top 5 National Parks of India - Exploring should never stop

We have all the resources to use here on earth and nature doesnt require much in return of using these resources. Our earth is the richest in resources and minerals. We also have a diverse range of fauna, flora, mountains, oceans, and the most important one that is the forests. Well, all of this makes us responsible and its our duty to protect nature. National parks are much helpful in saving the greenery as well as a home to so many species. It also helps us to conserve resources and curb deforestation. We, as human beings, always destroying one or another natural resource in the name of making concrete jungles and name it the development. We snatch the home of numerous species by cutting trees in bulks, dumping plastic and other hazardous materials in rivers, oceans, etc. We are continuously exploiting nature every second.These parks also promote tourism as people are curious to experience what it is like to be in a natural habitat. These parks also provide some activities for the tourists without disturbing the animals. Tourists have to stay hidden and sometimes wait for days to see that one animal or bird which they came to explore. There are more than 100 ? national parks in India?, big and small combined, and are great tourist attractions.

List Of Parks You Have To Plan A Trip

Jim Corbett was Indias first national park. It came into existence in 1936. However, until 1970, there were only 5 such parks were in existence. It was only in 1971 when a serious decline in the population of tigers was noticed and within only 2 years, the Wildlife (Protection) Act and Project Tiger were created. Now, India is the home to 70% of the worlds tiger population. Here are 5 options of ?national parks in India ?that you can consider and must-visit if you are a nature lover.
Kanha National Park
Also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve, this park is a vast expansion of forests and home to wildlife in about 940 sq km. It is located in Madhya Pradesh, near the city of Mandla. This park also has the ratings of best management. There are 105 Bengal tigers and you can easily spot the wild cat and take pictures. Along with tigers, this place played a very important role in saving many species of Barasingha.
Kaziranga National Park
This park adds glitter in the northeastern region. As its located in Assam, Kaziranga counts in one of the most beautiful places to conserve forest and wildlife. This park has the biggest population of rhinos and elephants, as both of these animals love to be near water bodies and Kaziranga has pools and natural water bodies along with Brahmaputra flood plains. This forest reserve helped to save the one-horned rhino on a very successful level. From just left to the number of 12, they are now 1800.
Ranthambore National Park
Located in Rajasthan, and expanded in around 280 sq km, this park has been a hunting activity area for the Maharaja of Jaipur. The tiger population in this reserve is around 45, and it is such a picturesque place. Also, you can easily plan a trip as this park is very close to our national capital. Though, in the season it can be very crowded just because its in an easy reach. Bears, deer, jackals, along with Bengal tigers can be easily spotted and captured.
Gir National Park
It comes on top when we talk about the most popular ?parks in India?. This park is located in Gujarat, expanding in the vast area of 1415 sq km. This park is the only place you will see the lions roaming in the wild other than in Africa, which is home to the highest population of lions. This park has a 520+ population of lions, thanks to the contribution of the Forest Department and Nawab of Junagarh.
Jim Corbett National Park
The oldest of all, expanding in 520 sq km, located in Nainital, nearest to Ramnagar, was the launch site of Project Tiger. It populates more than 200 Bengal tigers. This park is also the favorite home of birds, populating more than 650 species of birds.This ?list of national parks in India ?will help you in deciding on all your confusions and plan a visit as soon as possible.Also read:-Meghalaya Travel Guide Stay above the clouds