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In the modern era of the 21st century, our life is having a controlled button better known as “Technology”. The connectivity has increased and we all are under the umbrella of “one-click” via mobile or laptops. Sometimes we feel that we are caught in a net, an under surveillance for twenty-four hours. The hyper internet activity across the globe has made technology the ruler of our lives and this “big boss” do not even let off while we all are vacationing. Even when we are sleeping, our sub-conscious mind heard and in fact sometimes read the notifications on our mobile phones. There is no doubt that technological innovations are boon to us, but sometimes we feel that they are creating stressful situations in our life. I am not suggesting you have social isolation, I am suggesting you spend some “Me Time” when you are on vacation. Just be with yourself, no worries of the world. You might be wondering what I am talking about fairyland. No there are some places in India to get off the internet. “no internet, no connection with outer world”Vacation means free from daily life activities, far from hustle bustle of city life, when mobile has become an integral part of daily life activities, then on vacation, we need to be mobile free.
So the list of places is here where you can “be with yourself” no messages to beep on your phone and dividing your attention when you are spending quality time.

On a Yacht Off the Coasts of Goa

Goa is considered as “Las Vegas” of India and the most loved destination among tourists. So don’t feel amazed why I am listing Goa, it is not the offbeat destination in India, but on Yacht off the coasts of Goa is surely one. When you want to escape the internet in the most stylish way, yacht off the coasts of Goa is the best option. The first view of the beach will make you fall in love with this place. It is not for the budget travelers, but I will suggest everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. When you are at yacht off the coasts of Goa, discover the unseen shores of the island like a sailor. This is the best destination for adventure soul. You will enjoy the company of fluttering butterflies. So when you are off the internet, enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset at Goa. Feel close to nature and just forget all the worries.

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On the Salt marshes of Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

The white desert is spectacular to look at. It is one of the remote places in India. This is the largest salt desert in the world. Rann of Kutch is a seasonal salt marsh located in the Thar desert just 10km from the Arabian Sea in India’s Gujarat district. This island for agricultural farmers and salt production is the only means of livelihood. When you will be there off the internet, enjoy the white desert and it is most beautiful to see in the full moon. The white desert with a touch of serenity will give you pleasure. The Rann is a unique ecosystem with soil encrustations and saline marshes will let you forget all stress and connect to yourself.

Exquisite islands of Andaman

If you want to lose yourself amidst nature, then nothing can beat Andaman. The group of 300 islands is an awesome place but most vital is Baratang island. This excluded island will make your holiday more exciting. Stay connected with mother nature and feel connected to your soul. Get easily soaked with the pristine beauty and appeal. Andaman can be the best destination to have an incredible internet-free vacation.

 Backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala

The unforgettable vacation, free from the internet can be on the serene backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala. The blissful experience at Alleppey will make you forget all the worries of the world and it will be an amazing holiday for you. The mouthwatering authentic regional seafood will give you taste stimulation. Feel close to nature while walking across the never-ending paddy fields. The region is blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna. The technological isolation while gliding on a luxurious house through the Kerala backwater will give perfect element for lovemaking.

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Zanskar-Chadar trail, Leh

For the adventure-seeking soul, the Zanskar will be the ultimate destination to feel internet isolation. The blue sky and the snow covered mountain will mesmerize you and you will not able to think of the better vacation than this. The fluttering flags between the deep mountain valleys are best to enjoy from the hustle and bustle of the crazy city. The frozen river of Zanskar adds a new element to this whole trip where you don’t know when the heat of your body or over-worked brain would make the show melt Just saying.

Dense forests of Western Ghats

The Western Ghats have been declared a UNESCO world heritage site and is known for its rich biodiversity. The internet free vacation is well planned with 1600 km of thick untouched and dense forestry. It is a visual treat to your eyes. This forest is the homeland of more than 1000 of species of plants, animals, birds, and insects, it captivates all your senses within a wink of the eye. Either you camp, hike, and walkthrough, you will get an incredible experience.

Dzongri in Sikkim

Trekking to Dzongri in Sikkim is an offbeat and unexplored destination in India. Tough Sikkim is underrated tourist destinations of India but for internet free vacation this place incredible. It is going to experience that you will never forget. The breathtaking views of the mountain, landscape, and twisted trails will give you enchanting views.

Kolad, Maharashtra

The Kolad river rafting is very adventure destination to enjoy the internet of the vacation in India. This destination offers a number of water sports, and several tour operators offer camping experience. When you will visit this place, you will forget about technology as you brave the rapids while following the loud instructions of your trained guide during rafting.

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

This place is located in the amazing state of Uttarakhand. A 14 km trek from Govidghat gets you to the stunning Valley of flowers in Uttarakhand. The mesmerizing beauty of flowers and internet isolation is the perfect blend to enjoy such a place. This place is a delight for photographers. The trek to this wonder starts from Hemkund Sahib and is also a host to hot water springs. The background view of the snow-capped mountain with alpine flowers is a visual treat to your eyes.

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Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

This is the highest point of Himachal. It can be reached only by trekking for a couple of hours. Any means of transport will let you reach Barshaini, after that you need to tone your muscles for trekking. I am sure at this place you will hear only your heartbeat not the message tone of your mobile. You need not to peep into your mobile to know what your friends are doing at social media. You will get a positive welcome vibe of the snow-capped mountains. There are huge mountains that cover you from all sides and there is a hot water spring, which calls all the tired travelers to it. No phone coverage and a good holiday, that’s what’s in store for you on your trip to Kheerganga.

So when you will head towards any of the destination mentioned above, I am sure you will hear only nature’s call, not the ringing of your mobile. So if want to enjoy peace of mind amidst of nature, then plan an internet-free vacation and enjoy fullest. Nothing to worry, nothing to make you stressed no office calls, no laptop internet coverage, just spend “Me Time”.

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