Top 7 things to do in Jordan in 2018

Most travelers assume Jordan is plain desert. The thing about Jordan is that it is a desert but there are a number of interesting activities and a rich culture to indulge in. Amman, the capital of Jordan is where old meets new. The city has ancient ruins with a buzzing nightlife. Jordan has something for every traveler personality. Here are the top things to do when in Jordan:

  1. Wadi Rum: No trip to Jordan can be complete without visiting Wadi Rum. The desert valley is filled with narrow gorges, natural stone arches and humongous cliffs. You can take a flight over Wadi Rum and the beauty of the desert will mesmerize you from the ground. It is also a unique experience to walk around here.


  1. Petra by the night: Enjoy the shower of stars on your head and the beauty of candles lighting up your way at Petra. The passageway to the Treasury is the main attraction here. One of the greatest cities in the world, Petra lives up to its name. There are huge buildings built into high cliffs and you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the place at night. A number of Hollywood movies have been shot here in the past. Make sure to venture up to the Monastery in order to catch the stunning view.


  1. Dead Sea: The Dead Sea is a favorite amongst the young and the old. It does make adults act like children. The sea is filled with salt where you can float or enjoy a dip in the healing waters. Everything you have heard about the Dead Sea is true, people do float on top and the minerals in the sea have healing qualities.


  1. Dana Nature Reserve: The natural biosphere reserve cuts through a rift valley which leads to the heart of Africa. Now turned into an artist and farming community, the reserve offers a number of hikes for adventure lovers.


  1. Canyoning: Splash around the waters in of Wadi Mujib and enjoy the thrill of canyoning. It is a fantastic experience to rappel down into the waterfall through natural waterslides and narrow gorges. Wadi Mujib is all about spectacular cliffs where you can hike, swim and slide. The lowest lying nature reserve is a must see for adventure lovers.


  1. Jerash: Jerash is the largest cist of Jordan and is the most interesting Roman site. Fans of archeology can spend an entire day at this site. It is a huge area with ceremonial gates, temples, theatres and avenues which talk of the bygone era.


  1. Amman: Soak in the modern day prosperity by exploring Amman. It is a mix of ancient and modern and looks very much like any other city. You can visit the citadel, Roman theatre and the Jordan Museum here. Although it lacks the historical feel, there is plenty to do in the city. It is one of the easiest cities where you can enjoy a Middle East experience.

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