Top 5 places to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s around the corner and everybody wants to make this time of the year special and memorable. But how to find the best place when the clock strikes midnight on December 31? Here is a list of places that you should consider travelling to this New Year’s Eve. From epic fireworks to a wide variety of fun activities, the fun doesn’t stop on 31st it just begins!

1. New York City: The atmosphere which New York has on New Year’s Eve is one which no other city can compete. The most famous event that New York conducts is the annual ball-dropping which attracts around a million people who gather in Times Square to see the 12,000-pound ball descend atop Time square. For a hassle-free experience, you can make a prior reservation at one of the restaurants overlooking the Times Square. A night time boat ride on New York Harbour, offers the best views of the fireworks.

2. Sydney: New Year’s Eve celebration at Sydney is famous for two reasons, first because it’s the first major city in the world where the clock strikes midnight and second because of the immense fireworks. Sydney sets up the world’s largest firework display,  with one at 9 pm and other at midnight lighting up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House magically! The event also features a water and aerial show which is witnessed by more than a million people.

3. Rio de Janeiro: Rio is best known for its Carnival festivities and the iconic Copacabana Beach hosts the world’s largest and wildest parties. Over two million people assemble on the two and a half-mile stretch of the beach. The event is known as “Reveillon” it is an amazing blend of love music, dance performances, fireworks and religious and traditional beliefs. The locals dress in white and toss flowers into the ocean as a gift to the Goddess of Seas.

4. London: The chiming of Big Ben at midnight marks New Year in London. More than 250,000 people assemble at the banks of River Thames to witness the the ten-minute long light and fire show. The Palace of Westminster, London Eye and the Shard being the highlights of the show. Accompanied by many after-parties and a parade on New Year’s Day on the streets of Central London.

5. Hong Kong: Hong Kong undoubtedly has one of world’s most dramatic skyline which lights up every year with tonnes of fireworks concluded by a pyrotechnic dragon that dances across the sky. The firework display in Hong Kong has just been growing more and more impressive every year. The event starts at the Time Square shopping mall and a replica of New York’s ball dropping event takes place. It is a homage to New York’s famous festivities. The centre of the party is Victoria Harbour which hosts parties on boats and rooftops or at the Avenue of Stars which gives the best view of the show.

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