Top 10 Valentine’s Day destinations in the world

Valentine’s day is just round the corner and if you have not planned anything with your beau yet, here is a list of top 10 romantic holiday ideas that will ensure a memorable experience.

1. Ipanema Beach, Brazil: The air is live with romance at this beach. The beach is known for the beautiful bays and mountains which give it a superb setting for your special day. You can stay in the famous beachside suburb Ipanema and enjoy the sand, sunsets and the beautiful people. You can enjoy the city’s brash carnival right after a week from Valentine’s Day.

2. Taj Mahal, Agra: There is nothing more romantic than spending the day of love in a building commissioned by Shah Jehan in memory of his wife. The eternal beauty is known across the world as a monument of love and has windows carved with geometric designs, flowers in marble blossom and jasper and gold glitters. It will make you fall in love all over again.

3. San Francisco: This city has a number of unconventional things to do when you are here for a holiday. You can make your way to Cupid’s Span which is a green space on the Embarcadero for a picnic and enjoy the Bay Lights Show. Simply strolling along the Claude Lane with your partner can be romantic.

4. Chillon Castle, Switzerland: Located at the edge of Lake Geneva, Chillon Castle is an ideal choice for those taking a sweet view at love. Surrounded by snowy mountains and gorgeous lakes, the walk to the castle from Montreux is flower draped. An ideal place for a proposal, this castle will convince your beau about your love.

5. Trevi Fountain, Italy: A favorite location for classic movies, this fountain is an ideal place to steal a kiss. The fountain is as large as a building and looks splendid. You can simply chunk in a coin and you might return at the same place with the same person.

6. Miami: The best place to experience love with a partner is Miami, make it special with a Valentine’s Day getaway. Visit the Mediterranean mansion, Villa Vizcaya which is the most romantic attraction in the city. You can also take the boat tours offered by History Miami in the boating shack community.


7. New York City: A favorite destination for lovers, there is something for every kind of romantic in the Big Apple. The Wave Hill is a beautiful Bronx estate which hosts a classic chocolate and wine tasting event on February 14th. Additionally, local museums offer everything from star gazing shows to a chance to name a roach after your beloved. The best bars and restaurants in the city offer special menus which will leave you spoilt for choice.

8. London: London will never fail you. There are number of options offered by London to impress your partner. You can simply check into one of London’s iconic restaurants that have the perfect mood lighting and fine food accompanied by opulent décor. Opt for the London helicopter and fly over the capital on special tours. You can also snorkel with the sharks at the Sea Life London Aquarium.

9. Paris: There is always romance in Paris but on Valentine’s Day, there is a lot more than chocolates, flowers and lingerie. You can be a part of the five miles Love Run where partners are tied together at the wrist and are against a number of challenges along the way. There are a number of packages offered by hotels which will help you make the most of your special day.

10. Amsterdam: Amsterdam can give Venice a run for the money. A hot destination for Valentine’s Day, it has a number of canals and bridges in its lost in time architecture. Adding to the ambience, there is a chance to tour the canals at night through the Private Boat Tours. Do not miss out on the city’s cozy spots for drinks and dinner.

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