Top 10 places you must visit when travelling to Europe!

One of the small continents, Europe may be short in the area but has ample amount of scenic beauty to compensate for it. Some of nature’s fines works can be seen in his beautiful place. Be it something as simple as the Alpine views or the lush field of lavender and vines, Europe is definitely God’s own continent. Let us have a look at top 10 places one must visit while in Europe which will serve as a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience for you!



Voted as one of the most beautiful villages of the world, Alpbach is a small village in Austria. Numerous movies have been shot in the lush green and breathtaking fields of this gorgeous town, Sound of Music is one of them. During spring there are flowers blooming around and the weather is perfect for those in love with scenic views but this does not make it any less gorgeous during winters when the snow-capped mountains will literally take your breath away!


Flanders Fields

Loaded with beautiful poppy flowers this field is not just famous for its bloom. The field also holds a deep meaning buried deep within. After world war 1 red poppy flowers bloomed on the battlefields just like the one here. The image is now symbolic with the heavy burden of wars and its consequences. The Flander Fields today attract tourists from all over the world to visit this place as a cemetery and a memorial for those who lost their lives due to war.


Seven Rila Lakes

A favorite of the locals, any Bulgarian would highly recommend this place as it is one of their most loved places. The seven glacial pools are majestic and grand and are about 8,200-feet above sea level. These awe-inspiring pools lie in the country’s north-west region which is a remote and secluded area. Still, it attracts a lot of people from the world who come to witness this timeless beauty. You can trek around this region to experience pure bliss and the free spirit of living life in nature’s lap with beautiful background.



Literally a hidden gem of Croatia, Dubrovnik is an ancient walled city that lies on the Adriatic Sea. You would be surprised to know that the city gained fame when it was cast as ‘King’s Landing’ in the highly popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. Honestly, the grandeur and breathtaking views of this city are no different than the ones shown in the series. With i9ts ornate architecture and natural beauty, this is a must visit place for anyone visiting Europe. The city is also listed as one of UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. The charm of this old town never ceases to amaze you be it your first or 100th visit.


Aphrodite’s Rock (Petra tou Romiou)

According to the Greek mythology, this is the place where Goddess of Love was born. The giant boulder that is very popular is where she took birth in between wild, churning water. Petra tou Romiou (commonly known as Aphrodite’s rock) is situated on the sea stack in Paphos, Cyprus. The waves here are harsh and swimming in these pools is highly dangerous. Although according to the local legend anyone who survives swimming in these waters will be blessed with eternal beauty and can get the beloved of their choice. This is one risk no one is willing to take!

Czech Republic


One of the historical countries of Czech Republic, Moravia is not popular like it’s very famous counterpart Prague. But this does not mean it is any less than Prague, rather it is equally beautiful and grand. The city has glorious emerald landscapes and vineyards which seem to last forever which are definitely underrated. The county is famous for its wine and holds great significance in the Czech history.



Not to be confused with very popular Skagen watches, Skagen is a port town at the north end of Denmark’s Jutland peninsula and is the northernmost town of Denmark.a heaven for the artsy ones, this place has ample amount of scenic beauty and culture. The deep blue sea topped with colorful fishing boats are just an addition to the phantasmagorical sunset this place has to offer. At the end, you have Råbjerg Mile northern Europe’s largest wandering sand dunes which are a treat to the eyes!



Tallinn is Estonia’s capital located on the Baltic Sea. The place is the hub for city’s culture. A perfect combination of the modern world along with the blend of its history it is one of the rare destinations that have the best of both worlds. While there are glass skyscrapers on one side you will find ancient turrets on the other. One of the best-walled cities in Europe this is a place which is not very popular so you can enjoy some peace and solitude here away from the hustle bustle of the overly crowded towns.


Finnish Lakeland (Järvi-Suomi)

Out of the four landscape regions Finland is divided in Finnish Lakeland is the largest. This is a hilly area covered with heavy forests. Thanks to the continental glaciers shift, we got one of the most beautiful natural pieces in the entire world which stretch for hundreds of kilometers in a placid and staggeringly beautiful expanse. It is the home to thousands of ponds, rivers, islands, and streams.



Located in the northern area of France Giverny is a village on the right bank” of the River Seine. World famous artist and painter Claude Monet lived and worked here from 1883 until his death in 1926. The village now has a Claude Monet museum where you can see his very famous water lily series in reality. The place is equally stunning like the artist depicted in his paintings with rose arches, weeping willows, and water lilies. Cultivation of grapes is generally the occupation of the village’s inhabitants.

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