Things to do at Avalanche Lake, Ooty

Avalanche Lake, Ooty

Ooty is one of the top tourist destinations in South India. There are several interesting places to visit in and around Ooty which makes it so much more popular. The Avalanche Lake in Ooty is one such viewpoint. It offers the perfect setting for a family picnic amid a beautiful lake. If you are thinking that the lake has been formed due to an avalanche, then you are wrong.It was created because of a huge landslide. The Avalanche Lake area is covered with different kinds of flora and fauna. It is a brilliant place to enjoy Mother Nature at it's truest form. So today we will be discussing with you some important details that will help you to explore Avalanche Lake.
How to Reach Avalanche Lake?
Avalanche Lake is almost 25 kilometers from Ooty. The nearest airport where you can arrive is at Coimbatore that is 90 km away. If you want to travel by train, the closest railway station is Mettupalayam, around 40 km from Ooty. You can opt for bus service to this region and private cabs as well. You will need to leave your vehicles at least 3 km before the lake. Only forest vehicles are allowed to enter the region and you will be escorted in it.
Things to do in Avalanche Lake

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Avalanche Lake is a very popular tourist destination and as a result, there are different things which you can do. Have a look at them in this segment below.
  • Trekking - Trekking is the most popular adventure sport in which you can participate at Avalanche Lake. Tourists climb the Upper Bhavani region and make their way past the pristine forests and beautiful landscapes to reach the summit. They will be able to witness the myriad of different kinds of plants and flowers that grow in this region. Orchids and magnolia are the most common flowers.
  • Camping - The beautiful and mesmerizing backdrop makes it an amazing place to camp with your friends and families. There are perfect locations beside the lake with the flat ground where you can set camp. Make a campfire and enjoy the day.
  • Fishing - Fishing is legal in the Avalanche lake. The area is full of trouts and you can catch them using the gear and instructions provided by the trout hatchery present in the vicinity. They will notify you about the rule and regulations, abide by them or else it can be problematic later on.
  • Birding - Birding is quite a fun sport in which you can engage yourself at Avalanche Lake. With such diverse natural elements present in this region, birds of different kinds visit here. If you are patient enough, then you will be able to spot Tickell's leaf warbler, Indian blackbird, brown-breasted flycatcher, male pied bush chat and Square-tailed bulbul.
  • Try local cuisine - There are some popular eateries around the place where you can enjoy eating the local cuisine. You can also roast your trouts which you just caught from the lake and prepare it in the local style to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner.
  • Boating - Boating is another very popular activity that you can indulge in. There are different kinds of boats for groups of various sizes. Rent a boat for an hour and explore the different parts and sections of the lake and be mesmerized with the diversity of nature in this region.
  • Others - Apart from all these activities, you can also choose to visit the Rose Garden and Ooty Botanical Garden near Avalanche Lake. Both the places are filled with flora and fauna of diverse range. Or, you can simply hire a guide and roam around the forest to enjoy a thrilling experience.
There are different things which you can do when you visit Avalanche Lake. Make sure to check all of them and enjoy a day at this beautiful place full of fun.RELATED POSTS:
Things you should remember
If you are going to visit the Avalanche Lake in Ooty, then here are some important things you should remember.
  • Avalanche Lake is open from 8 am till 3 pm. Sometimes the timings may vary, which you will be notified about.
  • Everyone will need to pay a small entry fee to enter. The entry fee to the Avalanche Lake is INR 150 for each person and INR 1200 for a group of eight.
So here are all the important details which you need to know before you visit the Avalanche Lake in Ooty.