Thekkady – Planning for Tiger Prowling and Spice Hunting

Finish with spice plantation, tea cultivates, a natural life asylum and a flourishing indigenous clan populace, Thekkady is an explorer’s pleasure. The Periyar Tiger Reserve here is the region’s primary fascination. Most resorts and lodgings revolve around the town of Kumily, a simple stone’s cast off from the hold. Most likely the main save on the planet that enables visitors to camp and trek inside the backwoods zone, the haven does satisfy its elevated standards, with thrillingly well-perfectly curated exercises. Buoy on supply waters on curious bamboo pontoons as you spot Malabar Hornbills coasting through the treetops. The hold houses indigenous clans who still feed off the create of this woodland, keeping up a harmonious relationship. Past sandalwood dealers and poachers have now turned defenders and aides of the wilderness, and stories of their lives make for intriguing night stories by the open air fire. Elephant safaris, jeep and vessel rides also give you a look into an existence generally obscure. Witness inborn culture taking care of business in their moves composed by the Forest Department. The slopes around Thekkady sport sprawling flavor estates and tea cultivates, some of which go back to the British time. Included even on BBC’s Around the World in 80 Gardens, flavor cultivates here are certainly justified regardless of a visit also.

Place to visit in Thekkady

Periyar Tiger Trail


Demonstrate the veracity of the mind-adjusting sight of the magnificent brute adjusting itself daintily on a low-balancing branch with low thundering snarls joined by a vindictive scoff. Be guided crosswise over trails and streams, abundantly clicking without end with your camera, for an affair you’re certainly not prone to effortlessly overlook. Or on the other hand rather you may never need to.

Spice estates of Spring Valley

Included on BBC’s ‘Around the globe in 80 Gardens’, Spring Valley offers an endeavor into the fragrant universe of the flavor estates that they hold in high respect. The waiting joined aroma of cloves, nutmeg, and such, is shockingly not overpowering, particularly not to the degree one would anticipate that it will be!

Bamboo Rafting

Walk and pontoon your way through the dynamite backwoods that is the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Pursue your head tracker under the direction of the timberland beat officer to recognize an assortment of wilderness inhabitants. A fluctuation in context, you get the opportunity to see the wild through your own eyes while paddling through the baffling Periyar or hurrying over the thick vegetation.

Move the Tribal Way

Mix into the clans living on the fringe of the Periyar Tiger Reserve getting by on the minimum essentials, much the same as the tune! Move to the wilderness beat as the innate youth demonstrates to you how they truly get down. This is the place you truly let free and go wild. Joke expected.

Night Safari in Periyar Tiger Reserve

Finish the head tracker the thick woodlands in the dead of night with only an electric lamp to uncover the way. Get a credible affair of the life in nature. Envision the ‘Blair Witch Project’ meets the ‘Crocodile Hunter’, just without the apparitions and the dread for possess prosperity. Feel the adrenaline-surge of gallivanting crosswise over thick backwoods vigilant for charming untamed life.

Best time to visit Thekkady

For clearer skies, select a space between early September to the finish of March. The shorelines put their best self forward early November through to March too, so pay special mind to some fabulous nightfalls.

Mid-October and November sees a decent measure of rain with the North-West rainstorm.

Sultry summers set in from April to the finish of May with genuinely high outside temperatures.

Storms touch base by the main seven day stretch of June directly all the way to the finish of August. Cool temperatures with cloudy skies and green all around make this a visit like none other.

Things to convey

  • Light attire and shoes, a light coat for cooler nights
  • An umbrella in case you’re here in the storms
  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen
  • Chargers and doctor prescribed drug.

Best places to Stay

  • Spice Village, Thekkady
  • Shalimar Spice Garden, Thekkady
  • Harvest Fresh Farms, Cumbum
  • Treetop, Thekkady


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