Explore the Skull village of Bali


Image source-KlookBali is one of the most beautiful places to spend a perfect vacation. It is known popularly for its tourism. Many things attract tourists from all over to Bali such as the beautiful beaches, a dive into the coral reefs and the unimaginable beauty of nature. As much as it is beautiful, it is filled with surprises as well. Recently, a village named Trunyan was found in Bali and what makes it interesting or rather creepy is the strange tradition the villagers follow. The people who die in this are not buried nor burned, instead, they are kept in a bamboo cage under the Taru Menyan tree, leaving them to rot. Since it is placed under the tree, the rotten smell does not spread and once it is rotten, only the skull remains. These are later placed in a boat and taken to place on the stone altar in the cemetery. The stone altar is considered to be sacred by the natives. The village of Trunyan is also called a skull island for practicing this rather interesting ritual.
Mandates for the funeral rites
According to the natives in Trunyan, not everyone is allowed to follow these funeral rites. There is a certain set of conditions if one wants their dear ones to be included in the funeral rites. The most important one among them being is that the person has to be married. If they are not, then they are buried. If the person died due to an illness or experienced unnatural deaths such as an accident or suicide, they are also buried. The women in the community are not allowed to take part in the ceremonies nor are they allowed to come to the cemetery. This is mainly because it is believed that if a woman enters the cemetery during the ceremony or while the body decomposes, the village will be destroyed by nature through a natural disaster like a volcanic eruption or earthquake.
A look into the history

image source-The Order of the Good Death

Trunyan is situated near the eastern banks of Lake Batur. Right opposite to it is the Mount Batur which is an active volcano. Found by the Karangasem Regency, the village belongs to the Bali Aga people. Bali Aga is considered to be the early and original inhabitants of the island, who had settled much before the rise of the Majapahit empire that migrated to the island around the 14th century. However, it is not so clear on how the people started coming to Trunyan or how the ceremonies of the funeral were begun. While there are myths and folktales, pieces of evidence are not existent. The village is much less accessible and due to this reason, the villagers do not leave the village and live a very traditional style of dressing and living. They have many rituals and practices and even now worship nature like the old Neolithic style.
Developing tourism has attracted some tourists to Trunyan to see the funeral ceremonies. The villagers find this as a way of income too now a day. Trunyan can be visited as part of the Bali trip as it is not very difficult to reach. However, at times it can be quite risky too if you are not accompanied by someone who knows the localities and the place.Also read:-Top 10 Things To Do In Bali For An Unforgettable Holiday Experience!Hotels in Bali | Best Luxury Spas in Bali | Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bali