The First Nude Beach In Ireland Is Opening Soon!

The first nude beach on the island of Ireland will officially open at Hawk Cliff in Dalkey, south Dublin in April. After many years of campaigning for the same, the government has decided to name this popular beach. It will be the first ever nude beach in the country.Ireland does not experience a subtropical or even Mediterranean climate but there are days when the weather is warm enough for people to come out and relax on the beach with or without clothes. Another important factor that the government has considered while proclaiming the beach is that it is made a clothing optional beach instead of a complete nude beach. This means nudism is not a compulsion and people in bathing suits are also welcome. Further, there would be ample warning signs informing people of the skin show that lies ahead. The law on nudism in Ireland changed last year where nudity is only considered an offence when it is intended to cause distress, fear, alarm or engaging in sexual activity.There were some concerns being expressed over children being exposed to nude bathers but the beach is definitely not a family beach area. Children should not be there and if they are accompanied by elders, they should be supervised.