Spooky places in Delhi we dare you to visit!

Delhi is famously known for the street side food, heritage buildings and the care taker of a million people’s dream but apart from all of this, there are some chilling stories which will curdle your blood just with the thought of visiting them. Here is a list of all the scary places people think twice before going to in Delhi.

  1. Dwarka (Sector 9) Metro Station: The place has been thought to be infested by ghostly spirits because its been reported by people that they have seen an unsettling image of a woman appearing out of nowhere at the entrance of the station. The woman disappears just as soon she becomes visible, such cases have been mainly reported during night time.
  2. Sanjay Van – The eerie woods: Sanjay Van is a stretch of dense forests of about 10 kilometres. It is considered as one of the most haunted place in the city. The forest is totally uninhabited and people passing by the building during night time have often complained that there is an unsettling voice which calls out at them.
  3. Khooni Nadi (Rohini, New Delhi- 85): It is a stretch of water located in Rohini which is most precisely famous for sucking people in. whoever dares to go inside the mischievous water body is never heard to come back. Would you dare to go in? I know I wont. The name perfectly suits the place, doesn’t it?
  4. Lothian Cemetery: half a kilometre from Kashmiri Gate there is a Christian burial ground. It is rumoured that a headless soldier who took his own life after being denied of the love of his life. It is one of Delhi’s most haunted places. On a full moon’s night, its said that the soldier becomes more prominent and visible and searches for his lost love.
  5. Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, Jhandewalan: it belongs to the Tuglaq era and was built in 14th century. Located near The Ridge, it was built as a hunting lodge for the Tuglaq rulers. Ever since weird and scary things have happened here and sounds heard after dark have been reported.
  6. Mutiny House, Kashmiri Gate: Several paranormal activities have been reported here by people. It was built by the British to honour the British soldiers who laid down their lives in the Revolt of 1857. Some people have even gone to say that they have noticed wriggling severe limbs.
  7. The Karkardooma Delhi Court: The lawyers at Karkardoooma Court have reported that they have seen a white shadowy figure roaming around the court premises. Because of such rumours it also has been tagged as a haunted place.
  8. The Ridge: Undoubtedly one of Delhi’s most haunted place, this place had to make it to the list! With several people reporting the ghost of a Colonial-era British man hovering in the area and the poor network coverage, it just adds up to the eeriness of the place.
  9. Delhi Cantonment: You should better be sitting in a vehicle which can get ahead the ghost people have reported about. The lady clad in a white sari asks you for a lift during night times. It is said it’s the ghost of a lady  who was killed while hitchhiking her way to some place.
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