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Imagine going up to your parents and asking them if you can go on a solo trip. Gawking mouths and maybe your mother reciting the Hanuman Chalisa come in mind, right? Well, that is generally how parents react when we say that we’d like to go on a solo trip to a strange country where there are even stranger people. But you can change their minds by reasoning with them and tell them why it’s essential for a woman to take at least one solo trip in her life

1. Find yourself

When you travel solo you learn so much about yourself that you couldn’t have if you always went with family or friends. It is a great activity which helps you discover who you are and helps you understand your own self.

2. Perfect confidence boost

Once you’ve travelled alone, you feel like you can conquer the world. The confidence you gain once you get back from travelling a new country cannot be found in any debate competitions you participated in back in school.

3.Great way to make friends

This world is full of diverse cultures. Travelling to a different place will help you in interacting with new people which isn’t possible when you’re with company. Who knows, you may even end up making some friends for life.


When you travel alone, you realize how resourceful you are. Trying to arrange for an activity on your own or trying to figure out the way to reach a certain place, you discover a new side of you which has been hidden because every other time, everything was pre-arranged.

5.Selfish compromises

You make compromises which you are comfortable with when travelling alone. You don’t have to think of someone else’s comfort or need, only yours. This way you enjoy to the fullest while never missing out on anything which you consider fun.

Convinced yet?

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