Scuba diving tips for non-swimmers

So you want to scuba dive but you are not a swimmer. How does it work out? Even though you are a non-swimmer, it is possible to scuba dive. You only need to have confidence when underwater. Basic knowledge of swimming can help you scuba dive. You do not need to be able to swim well, but you need to be confident in the water and be proficient at it. With regard to scuba diving, you only need to be able to swim 200 meters in the swimming pool and after that you will be taught to be safe and confident underwater. The best thing about scuba diving is that you can breathe underwater. The air your breathe is carried with you in the tank that is strapped to your back.

When you try scuba diving for the first time you will wear fins which will help you move around underwater. This means you only have to kick slowly in order to move. You can learn a lot in the pool session where the instructor will explain the use of the equipment and how to breathe underwater. The instructor will also teach you how to kick your legs in order to move.

It is very important to not go too deep to begin with. Some of the best dives are not the deepest ones, they are less than 15 meters. Beginners can remain in shallow water of up to 18 meters and 20 meters. There is a huge abundance of sea creatures in the shallow water as well. These include puffer fish, hundreds of lobsters, octopus, and many others. Andaman offers scuba diving for non-swimmers and is a perfect program if you want to try scuba diving for the first time. It is not a training course but will give you a taste of scuba diving in a safe environment. If you are accompanied by a qualified scuba dive master, you do not need any swimming skills. It is safe and controlled and you have nothing to worry about it. If you enjoy the experience, you might want to learn to swim at a later stage and try diving again.

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