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Pattaya is the most attractive tourist destination in Thailand. It is located on the Eastern Gulf coast of Thailand, 1and 50 km Southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya’s coastal side is divided longitudinally into five contiguous sub-districts (or six, if also including Jomtien). Each one is named after the section of beach or headland at its seaboard. Sex industry and sex tourism is the prime money earner in Pattaya. Its reputation as a sex capital is totally deserved, with hundreds of beer bars, go-go clubs, and massage parlors.

The Best of Pattaya Walking Street

Walking street in Pattaya is the prime attraction of tourists in Thailand. This is half kilometer beachside street. This street runs from the southern end of Beach Road to the Bali Hai Pier. Its name is walking street as traffic vehicles are restricted in this area after 18.00 hours every night till 02.00. The car and motorcycle parking is provided at high Bali end. The whole street becomes attractive in the night with its neon lightning and 24 hours bars and clubs. This is an entertainment district of Pattaya.



The tourist attraction of walking street is the Go-Go Bar. Almost 80 Go-Go Bar is around the walking street. Each go-go bar is available at different prices and varieties of services. Each bar is having 10 to 30 dancers depending on the size of the venue. Some dancers are often dancing around the stage. The dancers have limited conversation with tourists because of language barriers.



Pattaya walking street bar is famous for its attention from bar waitress. They give unusual attention to their customers. The tourists often enjoy connecting with them. Some of the bar varieties are fun-filled and have a friendly atmosphere.

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When it’s come to dining at walking streets. The street offers a long listed dining option. In this walking street, there are morning vendors who offer kebabs to insects in their menu for the morning feast after late night partying at Walking Street. The restaurants have fare budget system in walking street. They offer food for every budget. The menu includes French, American, Italian, Russian and Indian cuisine.


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This hotel is must-see places in Pattaya due to its services and ambiance. It is located one and a half hour drive from Bangkok. The hotel is having 323 rooms and suites that include the luxurious way of living at Pattaya. The rating of this hotel is 4.5 star. The amenities provided include swimming pools; proximity kids clubs; tabu teen clubs; rock spa and of course body rock fitness.



It is a 4-star stay option in Pattaya. It is 1.6 km away from Alcazar Cabaret. It is almost 30 minutes walk from the center of Pattaya. It offers luxury rooms equipped with modern architecture. It includes television, dishwasher; electric kettle; microwaves and rooms are having a climate control system. Some rooms do have a sea view too. A range of authentic Thai foods is served for guests. Guests can take advantage of free self-parking; deposit box lifts. The hotels provide outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna and fitness center.


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It is located in the best prime location of Pattaya. It is designed as a condo unit and gives a luxurious stay in Pattaya. It is only 10 min stroll from the beach. The residence is equipped with all modern facilities. It offers free WI-FI, modern kitchen facilities, and an outdoor pool. It offers tuk-tuk services to nearby shopping centers. Guests can take advantage of the sauna, hot tub bath, and exercise. It also has full-service business centers and self-laundry service.

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It is a 5-star hotel located in Bangkok. This hotel is easily accessible from the airport. It is one of the smart hotels in Bangkok. All guest rooms are equipped with modern facilities and guests can take advantage of a comfortable stay. Guests can enjoy a relaxing spa session and sauna. This hotel offers an outdoor pool and stylish restaurants. The amenities include air conditioning facilities, newspapers, spa, valet parking, luggage storage. Guests can enjoy leisure activities including massage, fitness center, and outdoor swimming pools.


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It is one of the most exciting destinations in Pattaya. It is a five stars themed resort. The drive to and from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport is easy and convenient and takes approximately one and a half hours. The guests can take advantage of nearby shopping centers, gym, swimming pools, and outdoor Jacuzzi.
Best things to do at night in Pattaya

#Night Relaxation at Jomtien Beach

It is located approximately 3 km from South Pattaya. This sandy beach is not as crowded as the Pattaya Beach. The tourists who want to take advantage of quiet beaches can head towards this beach. It can be enjoyed both day and night. Tourists often relax at this beach from the chaotic city life.


This bar is one of the best options to enjoy the nightlife at Pattaya. The ladyboys offer drinks in this bar at reasonable prices.


This is the prime attraction for tourists in Thailand. It attracts foreigners because of 24 hours bars and clubs.

# Tiffany’s Cabaret Show

This show is a prime attraction in Thailand. This show is a must-see show for tourists in Thailand. The tourists can take advantage of the photographs with the dancers. This dance show is offered for an hour by transgender professional dancers.

# Alangkarn Cultural Show

It is the biggest cultural show in Pattaya. It is performed at the Thai Alangkarn Theater. This show is offered for two hours. The most exciting is dancers splendid coustmes.

# Mixx Discotheque Pattaya

The tourists can have the best dance move on the party music at this disco. There are two spacious rooms inside, the Crystal Palace on the right and the Rouge Club on the left. The Crystal Palace plays house and trance music, while the Rouge Club plays R&B and hip-hop. This disco offers a fun-filled atmosphere.

Pattaya is often famous for its growing sex industry. But it’s not only the naughty nights to be enjoyed in Pattaya but more than that you can enjoy fun-filled happiness and vacation with family and kids.

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