Pack your bags and head to these places ‘tis a bell season!

Winters has something for everyone, warm sweaters and hot cocoa with your favorite Netflix show for the introverts and the new world to adventure for the extroverts. Most of the world is covered with off-white snow giving it a new perspective of adventure. Making trekking enthusiast and travelers have new goals to accomplish places to visit. Here are some of the dream destination that you want to throw the dart at, on the world map.

1. Tromso, Norway: Nature and culture is the best part of having tickets booked in Tromso. Being the modern city of the arctic, it has a lot of activities to indulge in as a traveler, Tromso City Centre is a hotspot conveniently located just around the corner to experience various activities like fishing, Kayaking, Dog/Wolf Sledding and Whale Safaris. This place is also famously known for the stunning phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Tromso also holds two cultural night festivals namely, The Northern Lights Festival and the International Film Festival.

2. Nagano, Japan: Being one of the former hosts of the Winter Olympics, it’s a must go for adventure addicts looking for a long stay as it provides ski resorts for your stay and natural hot springs on the outskirt that are perfect after a day on the slopes. Buddhist Snow covered temples are one of the places to visit along with the Togakushi Area that is famous for shrines and the home of Togakure Ninja Schools!


3. Berlin, Germany: German cultures and festivals are something that has been talked about whenever it comes to rich cultural tourist destinations and they are not wrong in assuming so. Christmas markets are must visit near museums and on the streets. The Lewis Lewandowski festival dedicated to the immigrant Jewish composers, also named after one of them. Berlin is the hosts of one the biggest new year’s Eve party in the European region, this party stretches from the Brandenburg Gate till the Victory Column of the state.


4. Washington D.C, United States: The clichéd destination also has to offer a lot of stir into the tourists visiting in winters. One of the big things to look forward in the capital is the 30 feet long Christmas tree that lights up during the eve of Christmas and the night of Christmas too. A spectacular late night zoo lights show also takes place at the National Zoo Of Berlin. This show happens every-night from 29th of November until January.


5. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Places to visit Include the Anne Frank House, Royal Carre Theatre for the kids as they include a lot of acrobatic and athletics from all around the world, Especially Russia and China. Get the Number one cheese experience in Amsterdam with the visit the Cheese Museum. You can relive the cheesy history of the factory and interact with the cheese guides about their philosophy of how the team is run by enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Also, checkout the canals that have been lit up artistically for the festive season


So, what’s the plan?

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