Music Lovers, Head to Rajasthan for an ultimate experience

Head to Rajasthan

If you are a music enthusiast and missed out on the Chainsmoker’s event and have not been able to confirm your passes for Ed Shereen concert as well, do not lose hope. You can enjoy traditional music with International crowd in your very own Rajasthan. Very different from the concerts you must have attended in the country; Rajasthan brings you some incredible music festivals with royal settings and without burning a hole in your pocket Head to Rajasthan. We provide you a list of events which will be held from October to February, across different cities in Rajasthan.

RIFF Jodhpur at the Mehrangarh Fort: Held between 5-9 October, 2017, the Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) is one of the most popular folk festivals in the State. It gives a unique experience of the culture and the timing of the festival coincides with the brightest full moon in India. The event also has an interactive session series that allows the audience with an opportunity to meet the artists from different regions.

Magnetic Fields at Alsisar Mahal: Magnetic Fields is held between 15-17 December 2017, and is termed as the craziest music carnival of India. It showcases the rich culture with modern music. Organized at the Alsisar Fort, the festival offers a luxurious backdrop and is a gem of an experience. It is all about fun, energy and a vibrant vibe. The festival attracts music lovers as well as gypsies from across the world. The accommodation is luxurious with an unlimited party and lots of international musical sensations Head to Rajasthan . If you love music, this is one party you should not miss out on!

World Music Festival at Udaipur: Held between 9-11 February 2018, the Udaipur Music Festival is a world music festival which brings together different regions as well as the culture on one platform. It is held across different locations and it aims to introduce the audience to 150 artists from 16 different countries. Established names in the music industry come to perform at the festival. There are also many beginners who aim to introduce the best music to the audience. Udaipur attracts tourists from all across the country and the event creates a multi-cultural ambience which is spectacular. It will give you a chance to interact with music lovers from different countries and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of different locations.

World Sacred Spirit Festival at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur: The festival is held from 16-18 February 2018 and is a music festival which has spiritualism at its core. It is an invitation to those who want to walk the path of self-discovery through music. It has Sufism at its center and has a complete positive vibe which beckons hundreds each year. This festival is attended by well-known Sufi poets who come with their approach towards god, life and love. Enjoy their beautiful Ghazals in an attempt to get closer to divinity.

Enjoy the traditional Indian music which is true to its roots yet embracing the modern. Rediscover the music and places you always knew very well. Start planning your tour for the music festivals in Head to Rajasthan.



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