Meghalaya Travel Guide - Stay above the clouds


The literal meaning of Meghalaya is the home of clouds. This beautiful state located in the mountains is the favorite of tourists, and everyone wants to visit it once. This state is covered in massive rainfalls, vast rainforests, and scenic routes going in and out of clouds. The people of Meghalaya are utmost friendly, and they will never let you feel away from home. Caves, beautiful villages, transparent water bodies, and clear water pools make this state a must-visit for everyone.As its not a very hi-fi city and doesnt have a series of 5-star hotels, the trip to this state will not make a massive dent in your pocket. The spots you should visit on tour are not away more than a 2-hour distance from each other, and the right roads are just the treat to the journey. From the adventure activities such as cliff climbing, trekking, caving to more of the relaxed ones like visiting a village, spending time in your resort and absorbing the nature in its purest form, all are available here. Thanks toMeghalaya tourism. I have listed here all the details and spots for your hassle-free and confusion-less planning.
Reaching Meghalaya
The easiest way to achieve is to book a flight or train to Guwahati, Assam. From there, you have to take a cab or bus to Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. Once you reached Shillong, its all just a piece of cake now. If you are planning to take the services of self-drive cars, those are also available there. You can book right there at the airport or online, as you want.Taxis:You can get a taxi from the airport, railway station. If you have missed that chance, you can also book one from Paltan Bazaar.Cost:The most popular taxi service here in Guwahati is Sumo. You can get one at ?170 per person from the Paltan Bazaar, even if you havent pre-booked.Time of travel:It usually takes 2 to 3 hours to reach Shillong from Guwahati by these taxis.
First Halt: Shillong
It is the most beautiful city in India. There is no denying this fact here.Meghalaya tourismdid a marvelous job in preserving its beauty. From street food at Khasi street to the cost-effective shopping at Police Bazaar, and cozy cafes are all present here. You can spend a day or two here and move on.
Planning your stay:
There are many homestays available away from the city chaos at very affordable rates. The food and views from these places are always extravagant, and these properties can also be booked online. There are options available in the city as well, and the average cost of staying here will be around ?1500, including food.
Where to feed yourself:
You can choose any cafe if you love eating while rock music is playing in the background. You can also go for street food if you want to get the feel of authentic taste.
Second Halt: Cherrapunjee
You should leave early in the morning from Shillong by getting into one of the Sumos, and after a journey of 2 hours, you will reach the place which receives the highest rainfall in the country. The most popular place to visitMeghalaya tourist placesis a double-decker root bridge in Nongriyat village if you are into trekking. This will take around 2-hour each side or 3500 steps.Getting here:You can reach Sohra in Cherrapunjee by the Sumo from Shillong.Cost:?70 per person. This taxi will leave you at Sohra, and from there you have to take a private cab to Nongriyat village, which is usually an Alto, and it will cost you around ?400.Camera Charges:?30-?40 per camera and ?150 for a video camera.
Other Spots
Along with them, there are many places to visit when you are in Meghalaya. For example, after your 2-3 days stay in Nongriyat village, you should now proceed to Arwah caves and Nohkalikai Waterfalls. After this, you should visit Dawki, Mawlynnong village, and many more spots which will make you feel the purest form of nature. These places have way less crowd, and you can enjoy your visit.One thing you must keep in mind while planningMeghalaya travelis that most of the people in Khasi are Christians, and on Sundays, they are busy in their Church. You should pre-book the taxi or hotel if you are planning to land here on a Sunday.Also read:-IRCTCs Nainital Special Tour Package is Tailor-Made for this Simmering Heat