Less known places in Himachal

The majestic hills of Himachal and the quiet hometowns of Manali, Shimla and Dharamshala have become a favorite destination for peace seekers, adventure enthusiasts and wanderers. A hot destination amongst millenials, there are still a few secret getaways which remain less crowded and unexplored.

Take a look at the less known places in Himachal.

  • Gada Gushaini: A tiny, spectacular village in Banjar Tehsil will leave you asking for more. It is a beautiful village with crystal clear water and clear air. It lies at a distance of 460 kilometers from Delhi.

  • Renukaji: With breathtaking architectural sites, Renukaji shows the delicate carving of the artists. The lake is mirror like which reflects the image of God and it lies at a distance of 365 kilometers from Delhi.

  • Janjehli: Located in a valley, Janjehli is full of greenery and swoon fog. It has a rich heritage and camping is ideal here. It is ideal for those looking for peace and serenity. It is located at 488 kilometers from Delhi.

  • Karsog Valley: Himachal is known for beautiful valleys and Karsog is a splendid gem which is located at a distance of 472 kilometers. It lies in the middle of orchards of apples and hilly woods of pines and deodars.

  • Jibhi: The entire route to Jibhi is filled with panoramic beauty. The small villages looks straight out of a fairytale and is located at 512 kilometers from Delhi. There are various dhabas and cafes to enjoy exquisite cuisine.

  • Prini: The village has a stunning waterfall in Manali-Jagatsukh road and is covered with paddy fields. It has a well laid out transportation system and is easy to reach. Prini lies at a distance of 539 kilometers from Delhi. There are a couple of hotels located here as well.

  • Shoja: This is the ultimate place for people searching for peace and quiet. It has wooden houses and slow moving passes. It lies at a distance of 505 kilometers from Delhi. One look at the picturesque images from Shoja will tempt you to pack your bags!

  • Church Valley: This valley connects Jammu and Kashmir from the other end and there are many hidden natural vistas, lakes and dal within this area. It is at a distance of 670 kilometers from Delhi and is a favorite route for bike riders.

  • Charang Ghati Pass: If you love trekking, this is where you should be. A hidden beauty, the view is worth dying for. The trekking will start from Kinnaur and will go around the beautiful hills.

  • Cliffhanger: This place is known as cliffhanger because it looks as it the earth has ended its sphere here. The adventure and the view from the top is impeccable. The place has a charm of the height and lies at a distance of 760 kilometers from Delhi.

In your next visit to Himachal, skip the crowds and head to these naturally beautiful places which will bring you peace and joy.

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