Karnataka’s priceless gem: Coorg


Get lost in the greenery and tranquility of Coorg. Known as the priceless gem of Karnataka, Coorg is located on the eastern edge of the Western Ghats. It is a quick weekend getaway from Bengaluru and attracts tourists from across the country. It is surrounded by evergreen hills and emerald landscapes. Known as an ideal destination for family holidays, Coorg offers peace and quiet. It is a major center for spice and coffee production. The cool climate and surrounding hills make it ideal for adventure activities.

Coorg is famous for the Golden Temple, which is a Buddhist temple in Bylakuppe. The temple is presided over by three gold plated statutes of Buddha. The best time to visit the temple is when the prayers are under process and it rings out with drums, gongs and the sound of hundreds of young monks chanting. It is regarded as one of the 10 must see Buddhist monasteries in India. Another must see in Coorg is the Madikeri Fort. It is a 16th century hill top fort built by Tipu Sultan and houses a quirky museum. It is a less glamorous municipal headquarter currently. The Abbey Falls are another must visit in the rainy season; the spectacular falls from a height of 21.3 m are worth a sight.

Further, you can check out the vast coffee plantations which are very famous in Coorg. The Dubare elephant camp and Nagarhole National park must also be on your to do list. The national park has more than 300 bird species and tigers, Asiatic elephant, sloth bear and jungle bison. The Dubare elephant camp will let you be a part of the bathing, grooming and feeding the lovely elephants. The experience at the camp is worth a visit. You can also enjoy a 15 min elephant ride in the reserve forest.

Coorg also offers a range of adventure activities to indulge in. It offers a range of activities like kayaking, trekking, camping, microlight flying and canoeing. If you want to climb the Brahmagiri peak, you can begin from Kutta. It also serves as a base camp for river raft in the Upper Barapole River and is closest to Bengaluru. Kushalnagar offers kayaking activities and trekking on the Kotta Betta which is the third highest peak in Coorg. Kakkabe offers kayaking and canoeing activities in the Kakkabe River, you can also opt for quad biking and trekking here.

Coorg offers serenity for those who are looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has a range of accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels to home stays. If you are not into adventure, soak in the beauty of this location and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. It is a haven for adventure junkies and will give an adrenaline rush in every activity. Another must do in Coorg is to enjoy the local coffee and the cuisine. Coorg, being famous for the coffee plantations offers unique local coffee which is strong and delicious. The cuisine is also very different from any other cuisine and has a unique taste of coconut oil.

Experience the gem of Karnataka with a unique flavor.

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