Into the Lion’s den

Lion’s den

Located in the midst of Gujarat, is the home of Asiatic Lions. For a unique and outstanding wildlife experience, Sasangir is a must visit for every wildlife enthusiast. Sasan Gir is known as the home of only surviving Asiatic Lions and there are lakhs of tourists visiting the sanctuary from across the World. The Gir National Park is a renowned wildlife sanctuary in India and promises to give you an unparalleled opportunity to watch the rare Asiatic lions. It is the only opportunity to see the endangered species. In addition to the Asiatic lions, you can find thousands of other elusive wild animals and hard-to-find birds like uncommon Asiatic wild ass, hyenas, Gir foxes, pygmy woodpecker, brown fish owl and black buck etc,

The home of the royal king is 65 km south-east of Junagadh district and is easy to reach by road. From a population of approximately 20 lions in 1913, they have risen to a comfortable 523 according to 2015 census. There are 106 male, 201 female and 213 sub-adult lions in the wilderness of these four districts. Major attractions at Sasan Gir include animals, birds and reptiles. There are various tour packages which include Gir Lion’s den Tour, Gir jeep Safari, Gir Weekend Tour, Gujarat Wildlife Tour, Gir Bird watching Tour, 3 Days Gir Jungle Safari, West India wildlife Tour and Historic Gujarat Tour. In order to visit the sanctuary, it is important to have a confirmed booking which is to be done online. The forest remains closed between 16th June to 15th October every year. With a confirmed booking, you will be able to take a jungle safari and enjoy the variety of species inside the sanctuary. For the jungle safari, you can opt for an open taxi and enjoy the dense jungle in the midst of Gujarat.

If you are unable to book your safari in advance, you can visit the Gir Lion’s den Interpretation Zone or Devalia which offers a safari on a bus. The purpose of this zone is to enable tourists to view the lions at a cheaper rate and in a short period of time. There are various other animals and flora in this area which are a major tourist attraction. Many rare birds like vultures are also seen in this region. Nothing like watching the king of the jungle walk near you. Gir National Park gives you an opportunity to view the lions from up close and enjoy the beauty of the jungle. Due to the increase in the number of tourists, it is difficult to get an online permit; hence it is advisable to book in advance so that you are not disappointed once you reach the sanctuary.  The sanctuary has managed to preserve the once-endangered species. You might also locate leopards in the dense jungle area. Plan for an ideal weekend escape at this sanctuary located near you.

P.S : Keep your camera handy, you might just see the Asiatic Lion walking across the road.

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