How to travel the world for free Want to go overseas but cannot afford the trip?

How the travel the world for free

World travel is not a distant dream for the retirement days. How the travel the world for free ,It doesn’t even need to cost you years of savings anymore. Free travel is a concept unheard of in the generation before ours. Technology, alternative employment and volunteering have made it a reality for thousands of young people.

Get crossover benefits
“You can certainly hack your way to free travel,” says Maneesh Sethi, who runs the programme Hack The System online that teaches people how to get free plane tickets and hotel stay.
For instance, you can earn crossover benefits with hotels. So, your existing hotel status gets airline benefits. Various hotels have set-ups with airlines and vice versa to give regular customers free flights.

Travel anonymously
Another rising trend is mystery shopping. Crazy as it sounds, you get paid to travel and rate hotels and airlines and can make money on the side. Blogger Emma Drew You from Cambridgeshire earned £100,000 online, enough to quit her job and teach other people how to do the same.
A certified mystery traveller is paid by auditing agencies to live in hotels, home-stays and guest houses anonymously. You submit a detailed report at the end of your stay and are paid accordingly.

Swap houses
Why book an expensive hotel room for your next trip when you can swap houses with someone in the same location? House swapping is the new couch surfing for people who want that homely feel rather than sterile hotel accommodations. Remember the Kate Winslet starrer Holiday? The main characters meet each other because of house swapping. A romantic dalliance might be far-fetched. There are fewer chances of unpleasant experiences since specialist house swapping websites have started popping up with registered users bearing testimonials.

Pick fruit in Europe
Live sustainably on an organic farm in the mountains of Europe. You will be doing your two bits for a greener world and meet new people. Volunteering for a fruit picking farm pays a stipend high enough when converted to Indian rupees. Connect with the sustainable farming organisation online looking for fruit picking volunteers.


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