How to Plan and Budget a Vacation

Budget VacationIf travelling was free, you would never see me again. But the sad truth is that travelling isnt free, rather a pretty costly affair. But Budget Vacation are a must for a break from the boring and monotonous work life of ours. Family Vacations or vacation trips with friends, in both the cases we have to plan according to our budget. But that doesnt mean we do not enjoy to the fullest. A well planned holiday can be a big relief for everyone.I am a travel freak and it is really important for me to travel to a new place at least once in 4 months and for that I need to plan my budget in a way that it isnt very stressful for me. So here are a few tips on how to plan and budget a vacation-Plan Early- Although last-minute trips are amazing but for sure they rip off your budget. So plan your Budget Vacation a lot prior and start saving. You can save a little monthly so that you are not burdened all of a sudden. It also helps you to travel with a clear mindset and gives you time to explore your options.Book your flight tickets well on time- If you follow the first step you will see how beneficial it is. If you plan early, you will book your air tickets well on time and this makes it more affordable.Consider unexplored places- You must choose a place that is new and not been explored much. Such places are relatively cheaper than the crowded ones. Since there are fewer tourists and so the hotels, food is economical. It also helps you find a more peaceful place if you are one of the kind. At the same time, you will have visited and explored a place that not many others have.Prefer home stays- Homestays are an upcoming trend in India. A lot of places like Himachal and Uttarakhand have homestay facilities. Unlike the hotels, they are cheaper and you get an opportunity to live with the locals of the community and explore local culture and cuisines.Basically, homestays are like a guest house facility in someones home. It is interesting to live with the locals and you have an experience of a lifetime enjoying the simplicity of the area.Travel during the off-season- It is an understood fact that travelling during the off-season helps you to have cheaper facilities but that does not mean you have to compromise with the quality or standard. You will have the same facilities at more economical prices because of the low tourist crowd in the area. You must visit Goa during January and February. While at the time of new year, the place can be pretty expensive. Similarly, if you wish to visit Uttarakhand or Himachal, do not visit during the holiday season. The areas are highly crowded and you will only hustle through your trip with less enjoyment. Also during these peak seasons the hotels, food prices soar up the sky.Look for vacation packages- Budget Vacation Packaged deals including hotel expenses, travel and food are more pocket-friendly than travelling without a plan. Such deals make your trip planned and you do not have to worry much. You can visit travel websites that provide complete packages deals. Choose the one that suits you.Choose a nearby location- Try and always go for travel destinations near you. It will save your money and you will have more time enjoying than just travelling to a farther off place. There are always places that we havent explored near us.