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Headphones Bar Punjabi Bagh

Music love is an eternal love for music lovers. Most of the people love music but some individual does have differences in opinions as they say they have particular auditory thresholds and they don’t like loud music or disco environment. So for that kind of generation, there is a new destination to enjoy music in disco but not so loud. Yes, music lovers Delhi has given a new address to music with the opening of its first Headphone Bar in Panjabi Bagh. Headphones in Punjabi Bagh lets you put on your own set of headphones, choose your own music whilst munching on some tikkas and chugging potent cocktails. So those who get irritated with loud music can have a silent party.

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The Punjabi Bagh being inspired by the popularity and environment of “Break Song” from Karan Johar’s movie “Aie Dil Hai Mushkil”, the locality of West Delhi has applied the same concept in the Headphone Bar. The bar has got a unique concept where you can dance on your own tune and love to have own choice. The most unique feature of the bar is their neon headphones.

As you enter into the bar, you will get neon LED headphones. There are different options of music to choose from. Guests can choose any songs from any of three channels according to your mood. The options are —EDM, Sufi or Bollywood. As you turn on the tune, a specific color to match with the theme will let others around you know what mood you are in. so interesting it would be.

Earlier the silent grab a concept was opted by Mumbai. Now it’s Delhi with the new concept of the silent disco. The whole concept is the creation of silent disco where all are partying at their own choice of music. The entire point is to create a silent disco-esque vibe where everyone’s partying and having fun with music taking center stage. The common is the place where they all are partying, but tapping their feet to a different song without creating noise. This noise-free environment is also a silent contribution to nature. Noise pollution is affecting audible thresholds of everyone and in this age of technology. Headphone bar in Punjabi Bagh is really a blessing to all music lovers.

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The guests can enjoy drinks as Headphone bar offers an extensive menu of drinks. When we talk about desi drinks they offer desi Chicharito ( (gin, achaar, mint, and lime) flavors to give your taste bud desi flavor. While those who are alcohol lovers Rhythm (whiskey, spiced liqueur, caramel, and cinnamon flame) and the Al Habibi Twist (fig-infused rum, red wine, and saffron rice). The food menu is also. It ranges from Pasta, pizzas to yummy biryani. The menu is mostly made to suit the palate of Punjabi residents living in the area. Go for safe choices like chicken tikka, Amritsari fish, paneer tikka and fish finger Amritsari. The cocktails are worth trying. The lounge is high on good vibes and stocked with electric drinks. The ambiance of the Headphone bar is good and free Wi-Fi too. Another amenities will include E-Hookah, private dining, smoking area, lift, free parking. The headphone bar is fully air conditioned. All payment options are available. They accept credit cards and wallet options. The headphone bar is having a charming interior.

Address: 1, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

Average cost
Cost for two – 1,400
Cost for two with alcohol – 1,800
Visiting hours: 12.00 PM to 12.00 AM

How to reach Headphone Bar

You can get easily to Punjabi Bagh with metro. The nearest metro station would be Shivaji Park. From there you can reach Punjabi Bagh and hit the silent disco Headphone bar.

This evening just dusts off your party shoes and head towards Punjabi Bagh. The perfect evening gown and master on few steps will hit the dance floor with silent disco. I can say an evening at Headphone bar in Punjabi Bagh will be an incredible experience

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