How To Find A Great Tour Guide

There is nothing as inspiring as traveling to new countries and exploring a new worlds. Whether you are headed for a long relaxed tour or for a quick getaway, an experienced tour guide will enhance your experience in the foreign land. The guide will introduce you to the culture and heritage of the land in addition to eliminating the language barriers. The guide will also recommend you some of the best non tourist locations and cuisine options. The importance of a great tour guide cannot be under estimated.

Here is how you can choose a great tour guide.

  • Seek recommendations: You can ask your friends, colleagues and family for recommendations on a tour guide. If they have been to the destination you are traveling at, they will help you connect with the guide who helped them during their trip. If they have a contact number, even better. You only need to contact the guide and ask for his availability. A hands on experience from your friends and family will reduce the stress of looking for a reliable guide.
  • Contact travelers community: There are a number of online and offline communities of travelers. You can connect with travelers and ask for recommendations for a tour guide on their forum. Since the community consists of a large number of travelers, you will be able to find somebody who can help you with your purpose. There are travel blogs, Facebook and Instagram groups that can help you post your queries on the portal.

  • Contact your hotel or travel agency: If you are traveling through an agency from your home country, you will be accompanied by their guide throughout your journey. However, if you are traveling on your own and have booked the hotel by yourself, you can contact the hotel staff or the owner to help you find a reliable guide. Since they welcome new tourists everyday, they usually have a number of contacts of the guide. They could help you with a guide that fits your requirements.
  • Look for experience: A great tour guide will have all the qualification and experience in managing the group. You do not want to feel like you are a part of a herd, the guide should have an expertise in handling groups of different people and to make them feel comfortable with him. Every traveler will be looking for something different from their journey and the guide should be able to give them exactly what they want. While one traveler maybe curious about historical places, somebody else might be on the lookout for new cuisines. The guide should be able to manage the entire group wisely while giving them enough space.
  • The guide should have complete knowledge about the place: It is one thing to have experience and another thing to be knowledgable and respected. The tour guide will be your bridge for the language barrier and the communities you visit. Their knowledge will be invaluable to every traveler. It is exciting to have inside scoop on the local eateries, local attractions and historical details. A knowledgeable and experienced guide will be able to provide you with all the little details that make a destination.

A great tour guide will listen as much as he speaks. He should be open to queries, suggestions and recommendations. He should also know how to have fun! Choose a guide that fits your needs and will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience on your holiday.

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