Fancy Space Travel? These Martian Domes In Wadi Rum Are Outlandish!

Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon in Jordan has a rugged rusted landscape that makes it an outwardly place for glamping. This place is charming, with its burnt orange sand to the asymmetrical cliffs. It is a Jordanian gem that will remind you of Mars. To make the Martian experience even better, there are partially glassed, spaceship like domes that are being introduced in the Sun City Camp. The glass walls allow the guests to enjoy the stunning view of the wilderness from the comfort of their beds.

Sun City is one of the best glamping resorts in Jordan and has been there for about three years. The domes are a recent addition as a part of the expansion plan that spans over an area of 40 square meters and each dome can accommodate about four people. You can enjoy the beauty of the desert while being pampered with luxury. The guests can see the beauty of the nature in Wadi Rum right from their bed. The silence in the desert and the night sky is one of the highlights of the natural beauty in Wadi Rum. Guests can also indulge in various activities like jeep adventure, hot air ballooning and camel rides, amongst many others. Allow yourself to indulge in luxury and enjoy a unique experience in the desert of Jordan.

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