Everything you need to know about Pamukkale Turkey’s own little paradise!

Giant pearly white formations along with deep blue waters are Pamukkale for you. This beautiful town is situated in western Turkey and is widely known for its thermal waters that are loaded with minerals and flow all the way down white travertine terraces on a hilly area located closely. Pamukkale has been the world’s spa town since ages immemorial which is not very much known to people. Along with the huge white limestone terraces (travertine: white or light-colored calcareous rock deposited from mineral springs,), this area is also abundant with hot springs. You will see various people bathing in the calcium pools having a relaxing and clam time while doing so. This place sure seems like Turkey’s personal little paradise with over one million visitors annually which also makes it Turkey’s most visited tourist attraction. Pamukkale will surely soothe and rejuvenate your senses like never before while you enjoy a bath like the Romans did in the warm and mineral-rich waters!


Although Pamukkale can be visited all year long, but summertime would top all the lists. The temperature during the summer months ranges anywhere from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. The winters here are cold and the temperatures can drop up to 8 degrees Celsius or even lower at times and can even be a covered with snow!


Spreading through kilometres are these glorious travertine pools. They are also UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The best thing about these pools is that the ticket to these pools also provides access to Hierapolis, which is through the same gate as well. Although open throughout the day some major parts are closed for some time. The main entry for these pools opens from 9 am to 7 pm with a lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. You can try to go in during the early hours to avoid too much crowd or go late when you can watch the beautiful sunset. Apart from this the place also is home to a number of hot springs, collonaded streets, temples, bath houses, necropolis and theatre of the ruins of a perfectly situated Greek-Roman spa city, Hierapolis.


Hierapolis/Pamukkale travertines joint site entry: 25TL (£6). Open Nov-March 6am-6.30pm, April-Oct 6am-midnight.

Antique pool entry: 32TL (£7.50). Open Nov-March 8am-5.30pm, April-Oct 8am-7.30pm.

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