Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

What’s your plan this New Year? Well, if you haven’t planned anything, it is high time that you check in to the Dubai Shopping Festival 2019. Nothing can be as grand an affair as this! Being one of the most extravagant cities in the world, Dubai hosts a shopping festival every year at the heart of the town.

It is a gala event of festivity, lights, shopping, glamour, adventure, sports, delicacies of various locations and even more. What gets the most important in a shopping festival like this is the mix and match of the people belonging to different cultures and coming from different parts of the world. Indeed, it’s an event of great pomp and shows!

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Every year, the Dubai shopping festival takes place in January. The event prolongs for that entire month. Massive offers are declared for the benefit of the customers. As a traveler, you will be excited too once you step into the shopping festival 2019. During this time, not only the venue of the festival but the whole city is decorated with colorful lights. You can say that Dubai gets life during its shopping festival phase.

Well, you can consider these colorful enigmatic lights to be a means of attracting tourists or customers. Whatever it is, the city gets a new attire and looks grand! Every shopping mall comes with promotional items and lucrative offers on numerous products. While you are busy in the shopping spree, do not worry about your kids and family members. For entertaining people, there are many entertainments, adventurous and fun-loving games organized especially.

Venue of the Dubai Shopping Festival

Generally, this Dubai Shopping Festival is located in every nook and corner of the city. So, when you are in Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival, you are sure to enjoy every bit of it. Every corner you look, you will surely notice one or the other offer provided by the shopkeepers. The small shopkeeper or huge traders, everyone has one or the other offer or discounts or some surprises for you.

Discounts are offered upon the prices of the products. Mainly, the shopping spree is found at the Global Village and in humungous shopping malls. Nevertheless, as soon as you enter the Dubai Shopping Festival, you can feel the shopping bonanza! So, come on in! Shop till you drop!!!

Dubai Shopping Festival Decorations

Have you ever noticed the butterfly lights? Mostly, you haven’t. Well, the Dubai Shopping Festival will welcome you with the butterfly lights. Every year, there are some new decorations to welcome you. The lights that you see in every nook and corner of Dubai during the festival are unmatchable.

Think of the view that you will get at night! The glowing lights at night look amazing! You get the feeling that the whole city is ready to welcome you. When the Dubai Shopping Festival is around the corner, people in Dubai get busy decorating the town. They put a lot of effort into making the town look gorgeous.

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Dates of Dubai Shopping Festival

For the year 2019, the Dubai Shopping Festival is about to begin from 26th January. The whole affair is likely to stay for a while. The shopping festival of 2019 ends on 2nd February 2019. So, the festival is to continue for a full week.

Why visit Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Well, you must wonder that out of so many places in the world, what the specific reason for visiting the Dubai Shopping Festival is. Of course, there is a reason behind this. Take a look at the reasons for visiting Dubai:

  • Dubai is considered as one of the most fabulous places for spending a wonderful holiday.
  • Dubai is filled up with top-notch resorts, restaurants, beaches, amusement parks, and several other artificial attractions.
  • One of the most important events is the excellent Dubai Shopping Festival.
  • The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the best shopping festivals in the whole world.

When there are so many reasons, why not book your tickets for Dubai! Hurry up! Book your tickets for Dubai soon and spend a wonderful holiday there. The trip is sure to give you endless fun and frolic.

Attractions of the Dubai Shopping Festival 

The first day of the shopping festival is declared open with some amazing and out-of-the-world fireworks. People from all over the world gather in Dubai to be a witness of these fireworks. Another important thing that is sure to grab the attention of the tourists is the jaw-dropping offers, discounts and several freebies in the Dubai market.

Further, the Dubai Festival has got more to do than just shopping. There are musicians performing live, magicians, jugglers, street artists and many more. These shows maintain the excitement of the festival and keep the festival going.

After the United States, Dubai is known as the second largest spot for shopping. So, whenever you get an opportunity to take a trip to Dubai, especially during the Dubai Shopping Festivals, never do miss it. It is like once in a lifetime opportunity!

Market areas in Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival is spread in several parts of Dubai. The main areas where you can go and shop to your heart’s content are as follows:

  • Global Village
  • Dubai Mall
  • Gold Souk
  • Night Souk
  • Asianet Film Awards
  • Mall of Emirates
  • Layali Dubai Concert
  • Deira City Center
  • Lamcy Plaza
  • Dragon Mart
  • Lulu Village
  • Mercato Shopping Mall

What to buy?

There are lots of things to be bought in the Dubai Shopping Festival. You can go for branded clothes, gold jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, good looking watches, leather bags and jackets, gadgets, home décor, exotic dry fruits and spices and a lot more.


Therefore, when you are all set to pack your bags for the Dubai Shopping Festivals, keep in mind a few things. First, shop early. Second, exploit the sale. And lastly, have a blast while shopping! A small piece of advice to all the readers. It is suggested that you research well before going shopping.

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