Countries that you can travel to without a Visa!

The piece of paper that gives you the license to travel across the world, a.k.a. the visa is not actually an easy document to get your hands on. From getting stuck in queues to handling an endless amount of documents, planning a holiday abroad is not such an easy task as it may appear to some. But to your surprise, some countries are helping you get away from the cumbersome visa process as they are now offering Visa on Arrival (VOA) to Indian passport holders. So get ready to pack your bags and head to these beautiful destinations listed below because International travelling just got easier!

1. Macau: Famously known as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, it is has extensive numbers of gambling hubs and casinos. Indians arriving here get their Visa on Arrival for free, for a maximum stay of 30 days. From being a fusion of East and West lifestyle to splendid architecture, the city attracts great numbers of tourists through put the year. You can enjoy duty-free shopping as shops and malls here offer antiques to clothes. Walking around the “Old Taipa Village” here is one of the main attractions and one of the two traditional village that still exists in the city of Macau.


2. Mauritius: From mesmerizing beaches to lavish holiday resorts, your stay here be anything between the quite to the adventurous. Mauritius permits a Visa on Arrival to Indians for a maximum of 60 days, only once they have a confirmed reservation for accommodation, a sponsorship letter, conformation of their return flight and sufficient expenses for their stay. It is no doubt one of the most sought out destination for tourists and plus it is never too crowded here. The city’s attraction includes beaches, lagoons, reefs and the exquisite street cuisine. When in Mauritius, do remember to visit “Chamarel” a small village known for its multi coloured sand.


3. Hong Kong: Always high on life, Hong Kong has a plethora of entertainment to offer for the people visiting here. Again the city offers Visa on Arrival and you just need to fill up an easy online quiz prior to your trip, the quiz is not something difficult and you need not worry about it. Beautiful skylines, lavish restaurants, night clubs and endless hang out spots make Hong Kong perfect for a visit. Not to forget, “Disneyland Hong Kong” is one of the biggest attractions of the city along with “Lantau Island”. The street markets are perfect for shopping as well!


4. Bhutan: Lying on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, the beautiful monasteries and the breath-taking views here will you leave you spellbound. Also known as the happiest country in the world, Bhutan’s main attraction includes a trip to “Paro Dzong” is popular for its architectural brilliance. Also, the cuisine of the country is famous because of its varied flavours and one of the most popular dishes includes, “Ema-Datsi”


5. Jordan: The country offers Visa on Arrival to Indians for 2 weeks and if you are exiting Jordan from Aqaba, along with Red Sea are given visa permit for a month. Floating in the Dead sea is one of the top experiences here along with a visit to Petra, the ancient city which is a part of the seven wonders of the world. For your visit here, you are required to at least have your onward or back home flights reserved and to carry least USD 1000 to cover up your stay here.

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