Chocolate Cottage in France

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Chocolate Cottage Sevres France

Earlier when we read story books or see cartoons we imagine chocolate filled rooms, roads made up of chocolates, we feel like we are swimming in the ocean of sweetness. But now the fictionary imagination has got a Midas touch of reality. The cottage in France, totally made up chocolate will give you the sweetest stay ever. If you consider home to be sweet then cottage made up of chocolate can be totally sugar-coated stay.

The chocolate cottage was built by Jean-Luc Decluzeau in Sèvres. It is located in the region of Île-de-France, this region is only thirty minutes away from Paris. Jean-Luc Decluzeau is renowned artisan chocolatier who specializes in chocolate sculptures.

Special Feature of Chocolate Cottage

The 18 square meter chocolate cottage is unbelievable, everything just made up of chocolate.

The cottage is made up of 1.5 tons of chocolate. The cottage can accommodate four guests.

The cottage even includes a white chocolate duck pond and a chocolate flower bed.

The most tempting feature of a stay at Chocolate Cottage is that each and every corner is made up of edible chocolate.

Chocolate Cottage comes with a chocolate-making workshop. The lucky guests who book to have stayed at Chocolate Cottage, they have additional benefits to learn how to make the delicious dessert in a workshop dedicated to making personalized mini chocolate chalets.

The flower boxes are even made up of chocolate.

The delightful stay at Chocolate Cottage is a unique experience. Nothing is better than home and when it is made up of chocolates then what would you like to have as deserts. Plenty of chocolates are provided for guests as snacks so remember no guests are allowed to eat the accommodation or damage them unless they are made up of edible chocolates.

Everything is just choco. Chocolate walls, a chocolate roof, fireplace, dresser, clock, cups, books, and a luxuriously sweet chocolate chandelier.

Only the outdoor table, the bed, the floor are not made up of chocolates.

The guests at this chocolate land will be served a gourmet dinner and a private breakfast served in the flower garden beside the cottage.


Statement of Booking.Com

“ is committed to providing unique and unforgettable experiences for travelers all over the world,” Vanessa Heydorff, Regional Director of, France, said. “This Chocolate Cottage — the only bookable one ever created— celebrates the incredible diversity of’s offering and is a tasty example of the many unforgettable travel experiences our customers can enjoy.”

Jean-Luc Decluzeau stated, “I never thought I’d have the opportunity to build a life-size Chocolate Cottage for travelers to sleep in!” He added, “I’m excited to collaborate with and to share my passion for chocolate. I hope guests will relish the chance to experience such a sweet and unique place to stay.”

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Stunning location

Chocolate Cottage is located in the magnificent glass house L’Orangerie Ephémère in the gardens of the Cité de la Céramique in Sèvres.

Necessary information

The interested travelers who are mad over chocolates can plan a stay at Chocolate Cottage in France. Here is guidance regarding the steps of booking and price of the stay at Chocolate Cottage. The booking at the chocolate cottage is only available through Booking.Com. The Chocolate Cottage has been welcoming guests since 11 Sept 2018.

Price per night: 50 €, (INR 4232) per night.

Location: L’Orangerie de la Manufacture – Cité de la céramique – 2, Place de la Manufacture – 92310 Sèvres –
How to book: For more information and to try to book this unique experience, visit
Where: L’Orangerie de la Manufacture – Cité de la céramique 2, Place de la Manufacture – 92310 Sèvres

Assumptions of Chocolate Cottage

Some assumptions were also there with the Chocolate Cottage. Do some ask whether they the cottage will melt? the answer is no. it was built with A.C and after the completion, it is kept in a glass house and so insects can’t even bite. Some people wonder, whether their clothes may get dirty if they sit. So for those don’t worry about your clothes getting dirtier as most of the chocolate house items have a thin coat of varnish. The biggest supportive statement for staying in this Chocolate Cottage is that it is cozier than apartments. It too features a fireplace and outdoor space. The bunnies at the entrance will greet you after a long hard day. So what a better evening can anyone think off. Chocolate is biodegradable, so it’s an eco-friendly choice of hospitality and innovative idea of accommodation too. So forget concerns about plumbing and processes and electrical outlets and enjoy a sweet stay at Chocolate Cottage of France.

So when you want an incredible experience of accommodation then I have a tastier, delightful choice of accommodation for you and that is the entire cottage made up of chocolate that is Chocolate Cottage in France. Everything inside the cottage is made using pure chocolate, including furnishing. From door and window to walls and ceilings, it is all edible! But of course, you are not allowed to eat anything! Each and every tiny thing that you see here is made using chocolate, be it a book table, dresser, books, fireplace or wardrobes, everything here is immortalized in chocolate. So those who are Chocolatarian, those individuals who are truly and madly in love with Chocolates can just book a stay with Booking.Com and experience the sweetest stay at Chocolate cottage of France.

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