China’s gem: Mount Sanqingshan National Park

Mount Sanqing is a very famous mountain which is considered holy by the Taoism or Daoism tradition. Mount Sanqingshan National Park  is situated in the west of the Huyaiyu mountain range in the northeast of Jiangxi Province (located in the east area of central China). The park is famous worldwide for its very gorgeous scenic views and natural beauty and is made up of three mountain tops and its name also translates to “Three Pure Ones” in English.

The unique thing about this park is the unique and striking shapes of the peaks and pillars present here. The park has 48 granite peaks and 89 granite pillars, a number of which bear resemblance to human or animal profiles in a relatively small area. These intriguing rock formations along with the lush patch of forests with favorable weather conditions make this place an area full of natural and scenic beauty. The beauty of this place is increased further due to the contrasting effect of the granite along with the vegetation which looks remarkable in every way. Along with this, there are also a number of lakes, springs, and waterfalls in this area. There are even a few waterfalls that can be as tall as 60m in height which makes it one of the most attractive places in entire China. It became a National Geopark in the year 2005 and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008.

The area of this property is not very large with a total area of  229 km² but has effective a strong legal protection. Due to rich natural resources, there can be a lot of threats on this property. the key element of this park is its natural beauty which needs to be maintained at any costs. You can visit this park to rejuvenate yourself in nature’s lap while enjoying the serenity and peace of this place while you witness impressive landscapes constant throughout the park.

The entry ticket to the park costs 150¥ generally throughout the year, or sometimes 130¥ in January, with discounts available for children, students, and seniors citizens. You can also take a one-way trip on the ropeway is 70¥, or a return trip which is for 110¥.

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