Check out the 'Boogel-Woogel' Festival of Russia

The snow season is a paradise for the Ski lovers. They head down to the snow-covered mountain to enjoy a ski vacation. There are so many snow festivals celebrated in various parts of the world. One of the most unique and fun-filled snow festivals take place in Russia.The Boogel-Woogel Festival of Russia is a snow festival of its kind. The Alpine Festival is held in Sochi, Russia at the Roza Khutor Ski Complex every year. The people participate in various snow activities wearing swimwear. It is also known as mass bikini skiing.The festival has made a Guinness World Record as per the officials, for Bikini Skiing.
The various crazy sports activities include:
- Yoga- Bikini skiing- Chess Boxing- Holi paints battle- Engineering contest- Beach Volleyball on the Snow- Bumper Ball Championship- Rock-Paper-scissors Championship- Miss Boogel-Woogel Snowboarding Beauty Contest- Pole Dance Winter Championship- Snow Dance Battle- Comedy Battle- Cold Crossfit Tournament- Winter Workout Championship- Champagne Wrestling- Snowman Building Art Contest- Beatboxer Championship- Winter food Battle- Snow Battle ( Ice Palace Conquest)
Other activities that will take place include:
- Night Open-Air Music Concert- A Winter Foam Party- Disco Snow Groomer- A Pillow Battle- Souvenir Products from partners- Boogel-Woogel New Year Party- Thermo Party- Carnival Discotheque- Dj Battle- Outdoor CinemaThis year, the Festival saw 30,000 guests as compared to previous years when only a few thousand guests participated. This is one of the hottest winter festivals around the world. It is a five-day festival full of fun and crazy adventures that'll make your visit here every year.If you enjoy downhill skiing or snowboarding and want to have a fun-filled ski vacation, then this is the place where you need to go. Participation in the Carnival is going to be Free of Charge so people can visit up there and have fun with their friends and family without paying a single penny. Also, there is a possibility to win gifts and prizes when you participate in the different fun activities of the festival.Also read:-Top Six Most Dangerous Highways Across The World You Wouldnt Want To Drive On
Following is a list of the event programs:
- A fun Opening Ceremony- Twenty different fun sports to participate in, each with a winner- Night activities including dance and music- To make the event even more interesting, the Management team has added team event competitions (by countries) in addition to the individual tournaments.- A fantastic Closing CeremonyThe majority of the competitions are between the Alpine Skiers and Snowboarders, to check out who has more endurance and power. Alpine skiing means sliding down snow-clad hills on skis with fixed heel bindings while snowboarding means sliding down snow-clad hills on a snowboard attached to the feet of the rider.Another Festival, which is quite similar to the Boogel-Woogel Festival is the Grelka Festival held in Siberia in the Sheregesh Alpine Resort. This festival starts about two weeks after the Boogel-Woogel festival.You can download the Boogel-Woogel Mobile Application on your phones to know about all the details of the Carnival. You will have the information about the activities, and the concerts also.The interested people should know that you should keep all the required clothes as well as your swimsuits. There are ski parties, music concerts, and DJ battles as well. This is one of the most entertaining Snow Festivals in the World.There is not much awareness about this festival in the world right now, but the festival was a hit for the last two years consecutively. According to the news, the Boogel-Woogel Festival is the second festival launched in this area of Russia.Roza Khutor is a village on the Mzymta River. The village has the Topmost Ski rest in the whole of Russia. To find out more details about the fun and interesting snow ski festival of Boogel-Woogel, click here., the dates for Boogel-Woogel 2020 have not been decided yet.The festival is not just about skiing in a swimsuit. But, the festival is kind of a challenge with so many fun activities to choose to do including the open-air concerts or making a world record of biking, skiing or performing other interesting and fun challenges. The festival is all about pure fun and adventure. Skiing is a sport that is loved by so many people and this festival offers a skiing competition along with a lot more fun activities that involve playing and having fun in the snow.So if you have nerves of steel and can brave the cold, attend the Boogel-Woogel carnival, the World's nuttiest Ski event in April 2020.Also read:-Mumbai to the Maldives on a Cruise Ship