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International Hair Freezing Contest

The annual International Hair Freezing Contest has begun in Canada. Like every year this sculpted hair competition is having a huge number of participants and audiences at Takhini Hot Springs, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. It was started in the year 2011 and from then, every year it is held in the month of February. The annual competition involves participants sitting in a hot spring and sculpting their wet hair in cold temperatures. After about a minute, the hair freezes. The form of their hair at that time represents their contest entry. People around the globe come to enjoy this unique competition at Yukon, Canada. The primary concept of this International mega event is to create the most creative frozen hairdos possible. The Competitors are soaked in hot springs so that they can allow steam, to get accumulated over their head while the prevailing freezing temperature in Yukon will freeze their hair with cold waves. When the hairs are frozen and molded, then pictures are taken. All pictures are collected and in March, the top three pictures are chosen with a most creative hairdo. This year too the pictures are amazing.

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The timing of Freezing Hair Competition

The competition doesn’t take place on any set dates, rather, participants can take part any time it’s cold enough for wet hair to freeze instantly (below -20C). Every year, Takhini Hot Pools hosts the International Hair Freezing Contest – and the pictures are amazing and sensational. This unique and unparallel competition attracts audiences in huge numbers. The Takhini Hot Spring is hosting the Hair Freezing Competition every year. Now in its ninth year, the competition is growing, just like hair itself. The contest now attracts several dozen participants.

  International Hair Freezing Contest
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Origin Of hair Freezing Competition

In 2011, the manager at Takhini Hot Pools observed that the athletes who participate in winter sports competition like dog sledding and snowshoeing held every year at Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous. Seeking a reprieve from achy muscles and the wrath of winter’s chill, athletes and spectators alike would soak together at Takhini. So the manager noticing the athletes, challenged them to make their most creative frozen hairdo as beautiful as possible and take selfies. Employees could select the most beautiful and unique frozen hairdo. And this was how a challenge has been converted into International Hair Freezing Competition in Canada. Andrew Umbrich, co-owner of Takhini Hot Pools.

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How can an individual participate

Firstly the participants pay for admission into the Taking Hot springs, and then the wet hairs are molded and best possible hairdos are frozen. Then participants take their selfies or request the staff of Thaksin Hot Spring to help them while capturing their frozen hairdo. Its mandatory for all participants to collect their admission form from the Thaksin Hot Spring desk and return them duly filled and signed. The photographs considered for the contest must be taken from high-resolution cameras. All Hair must be covered in frost to be considered frozen, half frozen hair will not be considered. Frozen hair should be predominantly white, For reference, the participants can visit the Website of Takhini Hot Pools. To participate in the contest the participants are required to give all rights to use their photographs for promotional purposes. The Takhini Hot Pools can use the contestant’s photographs in their brochures, their website, various social media, and online and print media in many and various countries.

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Prize Money For Canada International Hair Freezing Competition

In the hair freezing contest, there are various categories in which contestants can take part. Those proud of their icy sculpted hairstyles can post a selfie to enter the contest. Winners are chosen by Thaksin group members who host the international Canada Hair Freezing Contest and announced by the end of March every year. There are Best Male, Best Female, Most Creative and Best Group award categories, for which winners are announced.

Prizes for winners

Best Male Photo: $750 and 1 complimentary 30 Soak Membership.

Best Female Photo: $750 and 1 complimentary 30 Soak Membership.

Most Creative Photo: $750 and 1 complimentary 30 Soak Membership.

Best Group Photo (2 or more people): $750 per group and 1 complimentary 30 Soak Membership per person in the group.

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Tips for best hair freezing

The most important thing to participate in the Canada International hair freezing contest is having voluminous hair. Then it will be effortless to create the best-frozen hairdo. Try to come to the hot springs when the temperature is less than 20.C. or much colder. If it is warmer then it may be longer to create the best-frozen hair do. Dip your hair in the hot spring and wet your hair. Then take off your head out of the hot spring water and let the cold air to freeze your hair slowly. All wet hair will eventually freeze, this includes eyebrows and even eyelashes. The lucky ones who have long hairs can lay it down on the sides of the pool so it may freeze in single, long strands. Later, it can be propped up and it will stick straight up. Keep your ear warm, while dipping your ear in the hot spring be conscious that your hair can’t get wet. Then wait for some time patiently . just your hairs begin to freeze, slowly mold the hair in desired most creative frozen hairdo. Then let the hair completely freeze. It will become pure white with frost and ice. Then take selfie or photographs and submit to Takhini Hot Pools website or front desk. Contestants can share their photographs via E-mail or they can share on the Facebook page of Takhini Hot Pools. After taking photographs to dunk your hair again in hot spring water, instantly your hair will unfreeze and it will become nice and warm again.

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The contestants should not worry about their beautiful hairs. Management at the Takhini say freezing hair won’t damage it, and dipping it back in the hot water thaws it immediately. The springs are made up of two connected hot pools, with a wooded campground onsite for overnight stays, and an extensive network of cross-country skiing and walking trails for guests to enjoy when not wallowing in the springs. The mineral-rich waters are between 36-42C, meaning bathers stay hot despite the sub-zero temperatures outside. Thanks to social media and word of mouth Takhini Hot Pools are receiving photo submissions around the globe. So, readers, the hairdo’s are common but frozen hairdos are really uncommon. So whenever you plan a trip to Canada, try to beat the time of International Hair Freezing Contest and show how creative you are with the best possible frozen hairdo.

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