California’s Descanso Gardens- “A forest of Lights”

Descanso Gardens in California is famously known for being home to spectacular botanical collections and seasonal horticulture sites on display. It is located in La Cañada Flintridge, Los Angeles County, California and spread over 150 acres. It is internationally known for being year-round retreat for visitors as it shows cases natural heritage and beauty of Southern California. The founder,  E. Manchester Boddy preserved this area for future generations to enjoy natural beauty.

There are a few must-visit sites here like, the “Boddy House”, “Sturt Hagga Gallery”, “Enchanted Railroad”, the gift shops and the Descanso café. The “Boddy House”, is located on the crest of a hill high above the Descanso Gardens. It gives a beautiful glimpse into the past eras and was originally built as a home to the founder,  E. Manchester Boddy in the late 1930s. The “Sturt Hagga Gallery” displays the parallel between  contemporary arts and the sciences shown by botany, horticulture, biology, ecology, conservation, and the study of gardens as cultural artifacts. No visit to the Descanso Garden is complete without a visit here. A replica of a diesel engine travels through a section of the Garden, which attracts the young and the old people. The pathway the train covers is known better as the “Enchanted Railroad”. Other attractions include the gift shops and the café. The gift shop holds merchandise of all sorts related to home gardening, garden benches, bird baths, statuary, lanterns, and cherubs. The “Descanso Garden” is a perfect place for a casual dine-out. The menu includes fresh salads, sandwiches, homemade desserts, ice cream, beer, and wine.

The Botanical Garden holds a collection of Rose Garden, Ancient Forest, Oak Forest, a Camellia Collection and a Japanese Garden. There are more than 1,600 roses which are a beautiful symbol of horticulture history in the Rose Garden. The Japanese Garden is much more tranquil and peaceful. The plants in this garden are all native to Asian countries and the main attraction here is an arched bridge which is situated on a shaded path along a koi-filled stream to the teahouse.

The major attraction here is, “Enchanted: Forest of light” when each year during holiday time the Descanso Garden transforms its ground into a magical display of lights and exhibitions. Enchanted is an interactive, nighttime experience unlike anything else in Los Angeles, featuring a one-mile walk through unique lighting experiences in some of the most beloved areas of the mesmerizing Descanso Gardens. Enchanted is a rain or shine event. The night time enjoyment finds its way through the Rose Garden, Camellia Woodland, and the Oak forest. It shows cases a theatrical light experience exhibiting spectacular light shows and many environmental light effects. The walk ends in the Oak Garden where the Symphony of Oaks invites visitors to manipulate the sounds and lights in the Oak Grove.

Enchanted starts in the evening and ends at 10 pm. It is an amazing blend of nature and lights in ways you have never seen. You should indulge in hot cocoa and the wine served at the diner at the end of the walk.

Descanso Garden is a perfect place to visit with your family and children as it beholds beauty in ways you have yet not experienced.

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