Cafes to Vent Out Your Anger in India


Every emotion has expressions. Similarly, every individual has different ways of expressing their emotions. Thanks to Cafes in India which are meant to vent out your anger. Sometimes we all get frustrated from different challenges we face in life. The anger must be expressed as they are a vital component of emotion just as love. If they persist for a longer time then they may affect our mental health and can have a vital effect on the effective valence of an individual. So we should be grateful to the innovative ideas of the hospitality industry in India for a unique way of anger management. So here are some Cafes in India only to just vent out your anger and have a stress free life.

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Bhadaas Café, Indore

This café in India is probably the first innovative speculation of anger management by the hospitality industry. This café is located in Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. This is the café where an individual can smash off the anger by breaking things such as bottles, glasses etc. This café is meant to release your negative emotions, frustration that is knocking at the back end of your mind. This café has a facility to release your anger in a private room. Privacy is important as while releasing your anger, individual show their darker shades of personality, they become aggressive, try to smash things that comes easily to their approach. So in the room where you know that you are beyond the approach of anyone. No one will judge according to your behavior and even no one can hear you too. The individual is free to act as they want to act while expressing their negative emotions. Hence they release all anger and feel mentally relaxed. In a few months, only the café has seen 1027 customers who have vent their anger and have seen positive results in their life.

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The café has a room equipped with all kinds of materials which can be broken easily to vent out an individual’s anger. Glasses and tables, bottles all are available at reasonable price to break up while the visitors are undergoing anger management process, but if you are so frustrated that you wish to break television, computers or laptops then it’s sure you have to pay more to vent out your anger. All the commodities listed in the café can be break up after the payment of charges applied to each commodity. You can be as loud as you can and no one will hear you while you are releasing your frustration. There is a vacuum room in the café where you can scream, and shout to vent out your anger being known that no one is hearing you.

The café is divided into two sections. The upper section is dedicated to the anger management unit, where all destructive things are meant to be done to release negativity from an individual. In layman in upper section individuals are allowed to scream, shout and break commodities while releasing their anger through such behavior.
The lower section is the best place for snacks and tea. Fast food and coffee are also available. The café is fully air-conditioned. This place is good for quick bites such as sandwiches or shakes etc. So the day when you feel frustrated, humiliated then don’t let such negativity persists in your mind for a longer time. Just head towards the Badass café in Indore and vent out your anger and experience the positivity in your life and relaxed mental condition too.

Timing-11:30 AM-11:30 PM
Location-27-A, Chandra Nagar, Barfanidham Road, MR-9, Main Road, Vijay Nagar, Indore.
Fare-INR 300 (approx for two people)

Break Room, Gurgaon


So this is another place which can act as a stress buster for an individual filled with negative emotions and don’t know how to express and confused how to release anger and where ???. The “Breakroom” is located in sector 29 of Gurugram (Haryana). Sanwari Gupta who is the CEO of the Break Room had got this idea when her partner last year heard about this crazy concept of breaking something and releasing your anger since it also has a therapeutic value. This is the one stoppage for all who are suffering from anger, humiliation in life. The basic concept of “Breakroom” is Order breakable objects off of a menu and then destroy them.

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In this Café, the articles are gathered in a room. All the articles are breakable. An individual who wants to vent out their anger can purchase articles, which they find can give them proper relaxation after smashing it. The prices start at INR 199 for two minutes in the room – equipped with already broken artifacts, mannequin heads, drum sets, and tires. If you decide you don’t want to spend too much money, grab a bat and whack the stuff the room comes with.

However, sometimes visitors give their feedback as grabbing a bat is not as satisfying as the dismantling of an object gave them. If your boss has given you a rough week, you are annoyed with your married life, even irritated with Delhi traffic, head towards “Breakroom”. Here you can have other option such as you can buy a small television, a printer, cutlery. The price ranges between INR up to 800 for six additional minutes of anger management in the room. An individual felt like a therapy to destroy things or smash it to smithereens, to vent out their anger. If people think that the ‘Break Room’ owners are wasting things and resources, that is wrong as once people break things, those are sent for recycling.

Till now the longest time was recorded as eight minutes in the destruction room to completely flush out your anger. So this time when negativity builds inside you just like a lump of mountain tries to head towards “Breakroom” it might be you will take more than ten minutes to vent out your anger and create a new record for the café owners. The cost of spending ten minutes in the destruction room would cost INR 800-INR1000.

So the next time when you had a bad day, financial stress; marital conflict or even not a suitable reason behind your anger then also go to “Breakroom”. Break what you want or even all you can break if you had paid. Those who are under the age of 18 years or expectant mothers are not allowed in Breakroom. The Breakroom has a zero tolerance policy for those who don’t obey the rules and regulations of “Breakroom”.

Pre-arrival rules at “Breakroom”

Arrive 15 minutes before your booking time. Late arrival may result in cancellation of your slot.

Wear shoes that cover your feet like boots, sneakers etc.

Bring an ID PROOF (Driver’s license, passport, Adhaar card) that shows you are above 18 years.

Players will NOT be allowed inside the break room if the above is not followed.

Price-Basic “Need a Break”: 2 MINUTE INR. 199.00 ONLY

ITEMS Rate + Additional Time

Phone Rs. 150 + 1 minute

Utensils (Set of 4) Rs. 150 + 1 minute

Printer Rs. 300 + 3 minutes

Desktop Rs. 500 + 4 minutes

Television (small) Rs. 400 + 4 minutes

Television (large) Rs. 800 + 6 minutes

BRING YOUR OWN ITEM** Rs. 200 + 2 minutes more

Timings-First Break Session at 1:15 PM

Last Break Session at 8:00 PM

A session starts every 15 minutes.

Location-SCO 309, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana

Frustrated with your love life, had a fight with the boss or just plain angry? Whatever be the case, there are times when you just want to smash everything around. Just head towards the new anger management destinations besides the clinics in India. The hospitality has got a bright idea to vent out your anger in India. Have a positive effect in your life after the anger releasing sessions in such cafes in India.

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