What are the best jobs for travelling around the world?

If you love to travel but do not have the money for it, we feel you. You need to transform yourself into a money saving machine in order to achieve your dreams of wanderlust. However, with the advent of technology and opportunities of travel, you can make a career while traveling the world. There are various ways you can make money while you pay for your travels and here are a few of them.

1. Teach English: English speakers have the most sought after skills in the world-speaking English. It does sound simple but it can be rewarding for your students. You will be able to travel the world with ease and teach English across different countries. You might require a certification which can be attained with ease in a month.

2. Photograph and film travel: If you are creative and talented, you can stay on the road full time with a camera. All you need to do is perfect your craft and sell your images or videos online. This might require a small investment but it is a very good opportunity for travel lovers.

3. Write about travel: Travel blogging has become a professional career option. All you need to do is start somewhere. Start writing, editing and you will be able to connect with readers around the world. You can write about the destinations you travel to and there is a big chance you may make it a full time career.

4. Import-export business: With globalization on the top, everything is looking for products that are imported and in high quality. You could literally import export anything in the society. You will require management and entrepreneurial skills but it will also be an opportunity for you to travel for work.

5. Work on a ship: There are abundance jobs on cruises, but they are highly sought after. If you land a job, you will be able to make a living by traveling the world.

6. Tour guide: If you are friendly and an extrovert, this is the job for you. You can live in a foreign country and show travelers around the city. You will love this job if you are chatty and passionate about discovering the country you live in.

7. Flight attendant: This is an obvious choice for people who love to travel. You can jet set around the world and across foreign countries only to be paid to do it! There will be crazy hours and a crazy lifestyle but it is perfect for travel lovers.

8. Teach Yoga: If you are passionate about a niche skill like yoga, you can get paid for teaching it. You can become a professional yoga instructor in a foreign land and teach while you travel.

9. Bartending: If you have working visas, this is a popular job for travelers worldwide. Holding previous experience will help you getting a job in a reputed bar.

10. Ski instructor: If you are looking for a seasonal job, you can opt for ski instructor. Popular destinations include French Alps or Canada for those who love winter.

These are only a few reasons for you to travel and quench your thirst for wanderlust. What are you waiting for?