The best cycling routes in India

Nothing gives us more pleasure than riding a cycle while visiting some amazing destinations in India. There are millions of cycling routes and destinations in India that will give you an adrenaline rush. Cycling is one of the best ways to explore the diverse culture and topography of India. You can get to see the offbeat destinations that cannot be explored by riding a car.

  • Goa: The cycling trip along the Western Ghats through the Arabian Sea coast to the Netravali village is considered as a visit to some of the top biodiversity spots of the world. You can get to explore the dense forests and sandy beaches of Goa. You will get virgin beaches, serene coastline, exquisite local cuisine and many more options in your journey.

  • Arunachal Pradesh: This place is a delight for all cyclists. Being very distant from the rest of India, it has its own culture and charm that will mesmerize you. You will stop often while cycling in order to observe and enjoy the beauty around you. Usually, the rides occur at high altitudes during the cold so you can get to feel the wind whistle past you.

  • Rann of Kutch: Cycling across a dried up and flat barren desert will offer you an unparalleled view. It is a very challenging ride as the barren soil tends to test your patience and skill. If you are an adventure-lover, then this is the perfect cycling tour. You make your own roads in between the wildlife as there is no proper road to follow.

  • Sikkim: With the abundant lifestyle, national parks and tea-train sights, this place is perfect for cycling. You can also enjoy exquisite local cuisine along with the scenic view of the place.

  • Munnar: This beautiful hill station in South India is ethereal. It is a salve to the eyes for everyone with its mountain slopes converted into abundant greenery and tea gardens. It is the perfect place for cyclists as it offers adventure along with many sight-seeing options.

  • Hampi: The little town of Hampi is a great place to explore on your cycle. The ruins of the place are archaeological sites, which are mesmerizing and have by-lances and narrow lanes to traverse. The village-like feel of the place along with the ruins and kutcha roads definitely call for a ride to take your breath away.

  • Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand will offer some of the most beautiful sights in India with the holy abode of Lord Shiva and the famous valley of flowers. Each and every part of the state has a lot to offer to any cyclist. This is undoubtedly a cyclist’s dream.

  • Maikal Hills:  Situated in Chhattisgarh, this place offers amazing adventure and sight-seeing options for cycling enthusiasts. Cycling is quite thrilling as this place is filled with challenging tracks along with the natural beauty.

From East to West, North to South, you will find various cycling trails and destinations in India. If you are an adventurous person, then there are loads of scenic trails in India along with unique culture and cuisine that awaits for you.

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