Being a Vegetarian in China

The main food of China uses meat and other toppings to give Chinese dishes incredible taste. Vegetarian food is common and readily available in China, though vegetarianism is only practiced by a relatively small fraction of the population. Around 50 million population touches the vegetarian food habits.
Besides a large variety of vegetables, Chinese vegetarian food often uses tofu (soft or dried bean curd), nuts, mushrooms, fungi, and water plants as its ingredients.

List of vegetarian dishes a visitors must try in China
#Three Treasures of the Earth (地三鲜 Di san xian)


This is a classic homestyle dish prepared with eggplant, potato, and pepper (capsicum). They are deep fried and added flavors of sugar along with ginger and garlic.

#Numbing Spicy Fragrant Pot (麻辣香锅 Malaxiangguo)

This is a spicy dish from Sichuan province. This dish can be customized by adding vegetables, noodles and tofu instead of meat.

#Braised Japanese Tofu (红烧日本豆腐 Hongshao Riben Dofu)

This is one of the heavenly menus of tofu Chinese dishes. One word of warning though — it will test your chopstick skills! You need to pick the tofu up very gently otherwise it will break apart, in which case you may need to ask for a spoon.

#Chinese Salads / Cold Dishes (凉菜 Liangcai)

Image source-Red House Spice

This is one of the salads that is prepared with smashed cucumber. It is tossed with garlic and vinegar.

#Grandmother’s Potato (老奶洋芋 Lao Nai Yang Yu)

This is a classic dish from Yunnan province of southwestern China. It is a spicy dish with mashed potatoes deep fried with little chilies.

#Hand-torn Cabbage (手撕圆白菜 Shousi Yuan Baicai)

This is another tasty Chinese dish. Simply it’s a cabbage chunk fried with seasonal toppings.

#Hot and Spicy Soup (麻辣烫 Malatang)

This dish is also from Sichuan but popular all over China, you even see it in 7/11s. Recommended ingredients are bok choy, spinach, lotus root, sweet potato, tofu, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, and quails eggs.
Although China has a reputation for being a meat-eating country, it’s not entirely true. Some of the Chinese dishes are made with cabbage. Noodles. And of course seasonal toppings.

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