Awesome things to do in Lapland

If you are planning a holiday while it is really really cold outside, you should consider Lapland as your first choice. Lapland is one destination which will give you many once in a lifetime experiences. Located at the Northern most tip of Continental Europe, Lapland has a cold and wintry climate with conifer trees such as Pines and Spruces. It has been widely associated with Santa Clause for many years. Lapland is truly a beauty straight out of the fairytales.

When to go:

If you are all about Northern Lights and Winter Sports, plan your trip between December to March. If you are planning to drive around, summer is a good time.

How to Reach:

There are a number of daily flights that will help you reach Lapland. You can fly into Rovaniemi/Oulu from Helsinki. Traveling by train has its own charm. The Lapland express connects Helsinki with Rovaniemi. It is the shortest route between the two cities and is about 827 kms in length.

 What to do:

Northern lights: Lapland is the best place to see Northern Lights. It is a spectacle no amount of pictures can do justice to, you simply have to be there to believe it. The Northern lights are one of the best displays of Nature and most commonly sighted in the Arctic regions. In Lapland, you can see the lights in full glory and combine your trip with a range of other awesome activities.

Go snowmobiling: In Lapland, snowmobiling is the easiest way of getting from one place to another. A lot of locals use snow mobiles as a means of transportation. It is a fun and inexpensive way of moving in Lapland. The snow mobiles are quite stable and it is pretty easy to drive them as well.

Go dog sledding: Spend a day with the wonderful huskies and you will know the fun you can have in dog sledding. The conditions in Lapland are ideal for dogs that do best in the dry and solid snow. It will be a peaceful and fun ride with the dogs leading you.

Try the Sauna: Finnish Sauna is something you should not miss out on. A lot of people are obsessed about it for the right reasons. When its crisp and cold outside, you will love to move into a small wooden room and enjoy the sauna. There are a few resorts where you can actually rent a sauna gondola and enjoy a drink inside.

Go skiing: If you love activities in the snow, this is an ideal place to go skiing. Lapland has some really nice slopes and trees which will give you a great opportunity to gain expertise in skiing.

Reindeer Safari: This is another reason Lapland is famous for. Reindeer is the main mode of transport in Lapland and even today offers easy and quick transportation. If you have always dreamt of pretty countryside and a reindeer guiding you, now is the chance to make it happen!

Meet Santa Claus: We all are aware about the Finnish folklore that the real Santa Claus resides in the Santa Claus village. The village is only a short bus ride from Rovaniemi and what better way than to arrive on it on a reindeer sleigh! The moment you enter the gates of the dreamy village, you will hear Christmas Carols and festive music. It is Christmas throughout the year in Lapland.

Stay in a hotel made of snow and ice: Take your winter experience to another level and visit the two ice hotels in Lapland. The area inside the hotel is heated but the fun begins when you enter the main area made of ice. There are ice carvings and LED lights which lead the visitors to the Restaurant and the Bar. The beds are carved out of ice and each suite has a different theme. If you are staying at the hotel, do not miss out on the Jacuzzi for the world.

Try the local cuisine: The reindeer meet is a local delicacy which you should try without fail. Enjoy a Lappish meal before you leave the dreamy destination.


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